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  • BadhaaiHo is a comedy-drama film of the year 2018, directed by Amit Sharma and produced by Amit Sharma, Vineet Jain, Hemant Bhandari. It stars AyushmannKhuranna, SanyaMalhotra, GajrajRao, and Neena Gupta.
  • Given the history of Ayushmann’s films and the unique plot of the movie, the objective was to mislead the audience into believing that the good news in the movie revolved around him and keep them invested in our built-up of the campaign.
  • Wekickstarted with a Twitter activity, which created maximum buzz around the trailer release. Since we mislead people into believing that the good news in the movie belonged to Ayushmann, the trailer’s revelation proved them wrong and hence got them talking! We then continued to ride high on the buzz by driving conversations with a strong ORM game and fun and quirky content.
  • The campaign was executed across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • The stars played their respective characters from the film even on social media, as was reflected in their responses and the videos we put out which highly intrigued the fans and helped spread the word about the film.
  • Collabs were done with different creative platforms such as iDiva, The ScreenPatti, MenXP etc.
  • I. Phase 1
    ‘BadhaaiHo, Lekinkhushkhabrikyahai?’ (Misleading people)
  • During the Twitter activity, we misled people into believing that the ‘khushkhabri’ is centered on Ayushmann. We did that by having celebrities wish ‘BadhaaiHo’ and urge him to spill the beans.
  • Given the history of Ayushmann’s quirky films, people felt that the good news in the movie also belonged to him. Speculations were relentless! Everyone wanted to know what new ‘kaand’ had Ayushmann done in his film.

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  • Once the trailer was released, it was like a googly for the audience when they got to know that the ‘khushkhabri’ actually belongs to his parents. This further heightened the excited conversations on social media platforms. The buzz grabbed maximum eyeballs for the trailer. Since trailer is the most important aspect of a film through which people decide whether they want to watch the movie or not, this activity ensured that the conversations initiated drove maximum number of people to not just watch the trailer, but also discuss it.
  • Pre Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q6Zevq8B6s
  • Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unAljCZMQYw
  • II. Phase 2
    BadhaaiHo! Memes hue hai! Riding on the meme wave
  • The quirky one-liners from the trailer became quite a rage. Capitalising on that, we started circulating memes on dialogues such as ‘Tame kab mil gayatujhe’, ‘shakal se toh bade shareeflagte the’, ‘Karrect age haiaapka’ among others, which gathered much traction with the audience.
  • III. Don’t want 5 or 10 million views Ft. Ayushmann
    ‘10 million logon kopatachalgayayaar!’
  • We released 2 videos in which Ayushmann and Sanya were seen reacting to the news that the trailer had been viewed by 5 and 10 million people respectively. We used reverse psychology in those with Ayushmann asking people to not watch the trailer, not even if it trends on YouTube and groaning that so many people now know about his mother’s pregnancy!
  • It helped in piquing the curiosity of those who’d not yet seen the trailer and generating excited conversations among those who already had and loved it!
  • 10 Million views link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw6t298SPwY
  • IV. Morni Challenges & more
  • When the song MorniBanke released, we did a fun ‘Morni Challenge’ around that. It basically was an eyebrow movement that Ayushmann and Sanya do in a scene from the song. Not everybody can alternately raise their eyebrows as they do. People tried and put out videos on social media platforms tagging ‘BadhaaiHo’ film page and the stars. The interesting challenge, by creating a buzz around the song, also helped augment the reach of the film.
  • MorniBanke link: https://www.facebook.com/BadhaaiHoFilm/videos/178193179764436/
  • V. On-ground events amplified digitally
  • Mass Baby Shower was extensively promoted digitally. An open invitation card was put out for the baby shower along with cute creatives to catch the attention of pregnant women. During the event, we introduced a BadhaaiHo Facebook camera frame for the participants to click pictures with. All they had to do was scan a bar-code and activate it on their phones.
  • MorniBanke link: https://www.facebook.com/BadhaaiHoFilm/videos/178193179764436/
  • VI. Badhaaiho Frame:
  • VII. Phase 3
  • We also collaborated with other artists (Brand integration)to increase our reach and impressions
  • VIII. Results:
  • The movie entered the 200 crore club and it proves that the digital campaign around the film was a success.
Parameter Views
Pre trailer 1.1 M +
trailer 32 M +
Badhaaiyantenu 4.4 M +
Mornibanke 56 M +
Nain najodeen 13 M +
Sajan bade senti 3 M +
Total 118 M +

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