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  • The BRIEF
  • &pictures is a Hindi movie channel that is owned by the popular Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. India’s only premium Hindi movie channel, &pictures entertains and celebrates the today’s young at heart Indian irrespective of age and is a reflection of how people across different mind-sets are evolving. It connotes the ease with which the contemporary viewer blends his ambition to soar high while remaining rooted to his sacrosanct values.
  • The campaign is specifically catered to the Hindi TV Premiere of Smurfs: The Lost Village
  • Smurfs was one of the very few animated English content to be telecast on &pictures. It was a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the young audiences on the page along with driving awareness about the Hindi TV Premiere of the film.
  • The challenge remains that while Smurfs is a popular movie, it’s not really a part of the mainline culture in India.
  • Celebrity takeovers are passé, especially when your favorite animated characters take over your brand’s social media pages!
  • For the Hindi TV Premiere of Smurfs: The Lost Village,the team at &pictures & TSBI designed a one day activity where 4 Smurfs (Brainy, Hefty, Clumsy, and Smurfette) took over the &pictures social media handles.
  • The creative strategy was to rekindle the latent liking that a Smurfs movie lover would have towards it. For the uninitiated, we inducted them to the tribe with a Smurfs takeover.

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  • We had the 4 Smurfs from the film (Brainy, Hefty, Clumsy, and Smurfette) take complete charge over &pictures social media handles and present all the content for that day, the Smurf way!
  • Smurfs took over, being the anchor for information and engagement
  • But what really went through the roof was the effective response management where the page interacted with the fans. Actually, when the smurfs interacted with the fans
  • An arsenal of responses was created as responses to audiences
  • This activity thus helped us in creating awareness and driving conversations around the movie and the characters, and guess what? The Smurfs had a great time interacting with our audience too!
The activity organically garnered;
Increase in page comments across platforms: 175% jump in average number of daily comments
Increase in dailypost likes 40% Jump in Average Daily Post Likes
(Trends are in comparison to the average numbers of the last 3 months)
And infinite Smurf love across our social media handles!

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