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Social Media Marketing

Scroll, Click, Repeat!

That’s exactly what each one of us does on our phones, day in and day out. If there’s one place where everyone is right now, that is (yes, you guessed it right) Social Media!

Social Media Marketing: Your way to success!

A good product is a stepping stone to a great business, but to make your product reach thousands is another ballgame; this is where we come in!

Social media marketing makes your unique offerings reach the right customers, establishing your brand, in turn, helping your business boom.

Sure anyone can use social media, but how to target and reach your audience through content? Fret not cause we got your back! Our social media agency will draft such a strategy for you that will spin your media marketing game by a 360 degree.

Our Work In Social Media Marketing

Don’t believe our words, experience some of our finely crafted stories yourself

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The importance of social media marketing –

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Create traffic

A completely free way to advertise and market your brand! A good social media strategy drives traffic to your website and makes potential customers know about your offerings.

Go Viral

Yes, you read that right! You and your brand could go viral! We create campaigns that have the potential to reach the masses and create an unforgettable impression.

Keep your customers up to date

Make a direct connection with your audience who matter to you! K

The 3 Es that make TSBI what it is: –

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We get our hands dirty with every aspect of the digital world! Our work speaks for our expansive experience and our digital marketing solutions have made breakthroughs that took the internet by a storm.


Whatever we do, we do it the best!
We are a strong team of thinkers, creators, doers, organizers and most importantly storytellers! We are blessed with a talented pool of creative people who strive to outdo themselves every single time.


Delivering world-changing ideas is our passion and executing them into a successful campaign is our forte. We transform ideas on paper into mind-blowing and award-winning campaigns.

Cards up our sleeve – What do we do?  

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The core of our social media marketing services

Facebook Apps

Facebook is the pillar that holds social media together and it is pivotal for any brand to make its own space here. Through our outcome-driven strategies, we focus on bringing you and your customer closer.

Social Analytics

Strong analytics makes for a strong game plan. We dive head straight into the domain of numbers that help us understand outcomes, effectiveness, and utility to robust our social media strategy.

Campaign Development and Execution

A well-rounded campaign can multiply reach and connections in exponentials. According to your requirements, our team will get to work providing you with a step by step plan and execute it with the same zeal for the most optimal result.

Building your audience

Building an audience is key to a loyal customer base. Through content that is relevant, interesting and engaging we attract the right audience to your brand. Our creatives are formulated with a blend of engaging copies with — graphics that —
Let’s socialize!
The biggest social media marketing platforms


Facebook is the most expansive social media marketing platform with 290 Million active users in India alone! This is a place one just can’t ignore. With the optimal use of Facebook tools, we drive our forces to knit a web of audience interaction and brand building.


The home to Gen Z and Millennials, Instagram is the coolest place on the internet. With the addition of stories, reels, IGTV, and live, Instagram offers brands free reign to market themselves.

We use all the Instagram features aptly with bite-sized content, influencer marketing, engagement-driven posts and


If it’s on the internet, it’s on Twitter first!

The hub of current news, opinions, debates and everything in between, Twitter is a platform where your content can turn revolutionary. If you’re looking to make a big impact with small words, your social media strategy must always be in Vogue: Twitter.


What is seen everywhere is what sells!
Videos hold the power to make an unforgettable impression in one’s mind. With our superior scriptwriting skills and a dedicated video team, we make your vision come alive and reach the masses. With all the other hats we don, our video production service is one of—-

What do we do differently?

The secret mantra to our social media marketing

Custom Social Media Strategy

One size doesn’t fit all!

Your social media should speak your voice and thus one strategy doesn’t fit all (repetitive)! We know this well and hence we take each project with a fresh perspective.

We carefully devise a strategy according to your goals, demographics and brand ethos that will deliver you the maximum traffic. We do neck-breaking research, understand your data and do an extensive market study to make

Profile Maintenance

Social media marketing isn’t a one-time thing. Just like each drop of water adds up to make the ocean, each and every single post multiplies your reach and builds your followers.

We keep your feed active on all forms of social media, with our engaging and interactive posts. We also monitor the insights closely to make alterations and improve accordingly.

Client Servicing

We pick up our phones on Saturday with a smile!

Client servicing and coordination is an integral part that affects the outcome of ideas and creatives. With our trained executives we ensure smooth communication and flow of ideas and thoughts so that it positively impacts our output.