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12 March 2021
Twitter Adds Option to Switch of Fleets Reactions via DM

Twitter will now give users the option to turn off Fleets reactions sent via DM.

Facebook Outlines the Future of AR, and Plans for the Next Stage of Computing

Facebook has provided an overview of its plans for AR glasses, and the next phase of interactive computing.

Instagram Tests New Auto-Captions Option for Instagram Stories

Instagram is testing a handy new automated closed captions sticker for IG Stories.

Twitter is Testing a New, Full-Image Display in Tweet Timelines, Support for 4K Images

Twitter is testing a new way to display images, which will remove the cropped preview in tweet timelines.

Instagram Launches Revised Instagram Lite App in 170 Regions

Instagram has launched its revised Instagram Lite app in 170 regions.

Snapchat Shares New Research into How Gen Z Will Shape Future Market Trends

Snapchat has published a new report which looks at the rising influence of Gen Z, and the technology trends that will shape the future.

YouTube Looks to Provide More Tools to Tap into the Rise of Connected TV Viewing

YouTube has outlined a range of coming opportunities in its latest roadmap update.

5 March 2021
WhatsApp Enables Voice and Video Calls via Desktop App

WhatsApp has announced the addition of voice and video calling options via its desktop app.

LinkedIn Provides New Performance Insights for Higher Education Marketers [Infographic]

LinkedIn has shared some new insights to help higher education marketers maximize their campaigns.

Pinterest Announces New Marketing Tools, Including ‘Pinterest Premiere’ Video Ads

Pinterest has announced a range of new ad tools at its Pinterest Presents marketing and advertising summit.

Facebook Announces New Features for International Women’s Day, Including Multi-Participant IG Live Streams

Facebook has announced a range of new features for International Women’s Day, including multi-participant IG Live broadcasts.

Facebook Provides Tips on How to Maximize Paid Online Events

Facebook has shared a new overview of how to maximize its paid online events tools, and some notes on coming features.

29 January 2021
Instagram Launches New Professional Dashboard, Helping Creators Make a Living

Instagram wants to help people turn their passions into a profit. With the launch of Instagram’s Professional Dashboard, brands and individual creators can find tools and resources to grow their business through the centralized hub.

Facebook Explains How the News Feed Predicts What We Want to See

Facebook takes us on a tour of the master AI system built to keep us scrolling. Learn how the news feed uses our activity to predict what we want to see and more.

Twitter Announces Acquisition of Newsletter Platform, Revue

Twitter has acquired Revue, a service that helps anyone create and get paid for their newsletter

LinkedIn Adds New Post Visibility and Reply Controls to Manage On-Platform Discussions

LinkedIn has added some new control features which enable users to restrict who can reply to their posts, and what they see in their feed.

Facebook Launches Updated ‘Account Quality’ Dashboard to Help Businesses Address Concerns

Facebook is adding a new dashboard to help businesses keep track of any suspended ads or impacted posts as a result of rule violations.

Twitter Reminds Users of Upcoming Changes to Verification Policy

Twitter’s new verification policy comes into effect this week, which means all currently verified profiles that don’t comply will lose their blue tick.

15 January 2021
Instagram Looks to Boost Usage in India with Re-Launch of Instagram Lite

Instagram is re-launching its Lite app in India, after shutting the original version of the app down back in May.

Twitter Launches First Wave of Live Testing for its New Audio ‘Spaces’ Feature

Twitter has launched an early test version of its new audio ‘Spaces’ feature, which will enable users to create audio-only rooms.

Instagram Adds New Prompts to Help Slow Resurgences of COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases seeing a resurgence in some regions, Instagram has added some new alerts to ensure people remain vigilant.

Snapchat Partners with Google for Immersive ‘Year in Search’ AR Experience

Google has launched a new Snapchat AR Lens which provides an interactive spin on its Year in Search trends overview.

Twitter Outlines Updated Verification Guidelines Ahead of the Re-Opening of Public Applications

Twitter has outlined its new verification guidelines ahead of its re-opening of public applications for the verification badge.

Google Adds New AR ‘Try-On’ Ads within Google Shopping

Google is testing out its own version of AR ‘Try-on’ ads within Google Shopping listings.

Instagram Adds New Creative Tools in Reels and Stories

Instagram has added some new additions to your creative options in both Reels and Stories.

01 January 2021
Facebook Tests New Post Composer to More Easily Add Recent Photos

Facebook’s testing a new change to the post composer window which makes it easier to add recent photos.

15 Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021 & Beyond [Infographic]

Improve your SEO performance in 2021 with these tips.

Facebook Shares Insights into its Coming Smart Glasses, New Developments in VR

Facebook has outlined some of its coming AR and VR projects, including the latest on its soon to be released smart glasses.

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy, Paving the Way for the Integration of Facebook’s Messaging Apps

WhatsApp is updating its privacy and data sharing processes, which will see more user data shared with parent company Facebook.

Twitter Acquires Podcast Listening App Breaker to Expand its Audio Focus

Twitter has acquired podcast listening and community app Breaker as it looks to build upon its new audio Spaces feature.

YouTube Adds New ‘Shorts’ Shortcut Button to User Home Screens in India

YouTube has added a new element to its TikTok-like ‘Shorts’ function, with a new shortcut on the home screen.

21 December 2020
Instagram Looks to Boost Usage in India with Re-Launch of Instagram Lite

Instagram is re-launching its Lite app in India, after shutting the original version of the app down back in May.

Twitter Launches First Wave of Live Testing for its New Audio ‘Spaces’ Feature

Twitter has launched an early test version of its new audio ‘Spaces’ feature, which will enable users to create audio-only rooms.

Instagram Adds New Prompts to Help Slow Resurgences of COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases seeing a resurgence in some regions, Instagram has added some new alerts to ensure people remain vigilant.

Snapchat Partners with Google for Immersive ‘Year in Search’ AR Experience

Google has launched a new Snapchat AR Lens which provides an interactive spin on its Year in Search trends overview.

Twitter Outlines Updated Verification Guidelines Ahead of the Re-Opening of Public Applications

Twitter has outlined its new verification guidelines ahead of its re-opening of public applications for the verification badge.

Google Adds New AR ‘Try-On’ Ads within Google Shopping

Google is testing out its own version of AR ‘Try-on’ ads within Google Shopping listings.

Instagram Adds New Creative Tools in Reels and Stories

Instagram has added some new additions to your creative options in both Reels and Stories.

11 December 2020
Instagram Adds Shopping Tags to Reels, the Next Step in its eCommerce Push

Instagram has added shopping tags to Reels as it continues to pressure TikTok.

Facebook Expands Brand Collabs Manager to Include Facebook Groups, Adds New Group Post Options

Facebook will now list public groups in its Brand Collabs Manager to facilitate sponsored content opportunities.

Instagram Reintroduces the ‘Recent’ Tab in Hashtag Searches in the US

After removing the ‘Recent’ tab from hashtag searches in the lead-up to the US Election, Instagram has now re-added the option for US users.

LinkedIn Adds New Company Page Roles to Provide More Management Options

LinkedIn is rolling out some new company page roles which will provide more ways for page admins to manage their presence.

Facebook’s Testing an Instagram Content Calendar in its Creator Studio Tool

Facebook’s testing a new feature in its Creator Studio dashboard which would provide an overview of your Instagram post activity.

Google Shares Insights into the Top Search Queries of 2020

Google has provided an overview of the year in search for 2020, outlining the most searched queries of the year.

WhatsApp Adds ‘Carts’ to Further Facilitate Shopping Within Message Streams

WhatsApp is taking yet another step towards facilitating eCommerce with Carts, so users can add multiple items to a shopping order.

04 December 2020
Twitter Makes Frequency Capping Available for All Ad Campaign Types

Twitter has added frequency capping to all ad campaigns, providing more control options for maketers

Facebook’s Updating its Approach to Hate Speech to Combat ‘The Worst of the Worst’ Cases

Facebook is changing its approach to hate speech in order to better address ‘the worst of the worst’ cases.

Instagram Now Allows Up to Three Guests in Live-Streams in India

Instagram is now allowing Indian users to add multiple guests into their Live streams.

Google Adds Business Messaging Options in Maps and Search to Help Streamline Connection

Google has added some new messaging features to streamline connection from Maps and Search, along with some new insights to improve your tracking.

LinkedIn Provides More Market Data with New ‘Sales Insights’

LinkedIn is launching a new ‘Sales Insights’ platform to help businesses better understand emerging market shifts.

Facebook Launches New Website to Help Businesses Advance Their Social Impact

Facebook has launched a new website to help businesses make a social impact through their efforts.

27 november 2020
Instagram Is Testing a new FAQ Option for Direct Interactions with Business Accounts

Instagram is testing a new FAQ option for business accounts to help brands provide quick responses to common customer queries.

Snapchat Launches TikTok-Like ‘Spotlight’ Short Video Feed Option

Snapchat has added a new, TikTok-like short video feed called ‘Spotlight’ in the latest replication of the trend.

Instagram Adds New Branded Content Options, Including Branded Content Tags in Reels

Instagram has added some new revenue opportunities for creators, which could help Reels stars, in particular, generate better deals.

Facebook, Twitter and Google to Team Up to Combat COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation

With a COVID-19 vaccination nearing, the major tech platforms are looking to enhance their efforts to combat vaccine misinformation online.

Shutterstock Shares Color Trend Predictions for 2021 [Infographic]

Ensure your visuals are on trend in 2021 with this new, research-backed listing from the team at Shutterstock.

YouTube Tests Automated Video Chapters to Improve Navigation

YouTube is testing automated video chapters, which will detect content segments within video clips.

18 november 2020
Instagram Expands ‘Guides’ Content Display Option to All Users

Instagram is expanding its ‘Guides’ profile display format to all users.

9 Social Media Video Ideas to Modernize Your Corporate Communications

Coming up with social media ideas for your corporate communications can be tricky. Check out these ideas to add some sizzle to your content strategy.

Twitter’s Testing a Clubhouse-Style Audio ‘Spaces’ Feature

Twitter’s testing a new audio spaces option which will enable users to create audio-only meeting rooms.

Instagram Adds Keyword Search in Addition to Profiles and Tags

Instagram is changing how search works on its platform, by adding the ability to search via keyword, not just profiles and hashtags.

YouTube Launches Audio Ads to Reach Users Tuning in via Audio Only

YouTube has launched a new audio ads option to help brands connect with people listening to music and podcasts via YouTube’s apps.

Instagram Shares New Guide to Combat Bullying and Negative Interactions on the Platform [Infographic]

Instagram has published a new guide on the various measures users can implement to combat negative experiences on the platform.

Facebook Adds More Ways for Creators to Track and Monetize Their Content on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is providing more ways for creators to track and monetize their content via re-posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Adds New Option Which Enables Users to Opt-Out of Third-Party Data Usage for Ad Targeting

Instagram is adding a new setting to enable users to opt-out of off-platform data tracking.

12 november 2020
WhatsApp Adds Shopping Button to Streamline eCommerce Within Chats

WhatsApp has added a new shopping button within business chats as it continues to evolve its eCommerce capacity.

Twitter’s Working on New Warnings for Likes of Tweets Which Include Disputed Claims

Twitter is testing a new pop-up warning for Likes of tweets which include disputed claims.

Instagram Adds New Features for Diwali, Including AR Filters and Story Frames

Instagram has added some new features to help users celebrate Diwali, including new AR filters and custom Stories frames.

Facebook Provides New Ad Copy Tips to Help Maximize Performance

Facebook has provided some new ad tips to help businesses maximize their holiday campaigns.

LinkedIn Releases New Guides to Help Marketers Maximize Their On-Platform Efforts

LinkedIn has published a new set of guides to help marketers maximize their on-platform efforts.

06 november 2020
WhatsApp Adds Disappearing Messages for More Intimate, Private Chats

After months of testing, WhatsApp has finally launched its new ‘disappearing messages’ feature.

Facebook Tests New Options to Add Motion Effects to Still Images in Feed

Facebook is testing some new visual effects options for still images posted to News Feed.

Instagram Tests a New Way for Users to React to Stories Without Sending a DM

Instagram is testing a new option which would display user reactions to Stories on the story frame itself, as opposed to sending the user a DM.

Snapchat Gives Creators the Option to Display Subscriber Counts on Their Profiles

Snapchat will now enable creators to display their subscriber counts on their public profiles.

WhatsApp Updates Storage Management, Making it Easier to Delete Unwanted Content

WhatsApp has updated its storage management tool, making it easier for users to see what they can remove to free up space.

8 Digital and Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2021 and Beyond [Infographic]

Ensure your visuals and layouts align with evolving trends with this overview.

15 october 2020
Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Better Understand Their Options

Twitter has rolled out a new update to its privacy and safety settings, including new video overviews of how to utilize the various options.

Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding, Adds New Messaging Features

Facebook has unveiled a new look for Messenger, which is designed to reflect the evolving usage of the platform.

Instagram Adds New Audio Features for Reels, Including Option to Save Sounds for Your Clips

Instagram has added some new audio features for Reels as it works to maximize Reels usage.

YouTube Tests New Warnings on Potentially Harmful Comments, Auto-Deletion of ‘Held for Review’ Comments

YouTube is testing some new ways to reduce the impact of potentially harmful comments.

Instagram Tests New Processes to Limit Potentially Offensive Comments

Instagram is adding some new, automated warning prompts to deter people from posting potentially offensive remarks.

Facebook Adds New Features for Portal, Including Netflix and Zoom Integrations

Facebook has announced some new video enhancements for its Portal smart home device, including integrations with Netflix and Zoom.

25 september 2020
Instagram Launches New Reels Updates, Including Longer Clips and Improved Trimming

Instagram has announced some new updates for its TikTok-like Reels functionality, including longer clips and improved video editing tools.

Twitter Shares Insights into the Effectiveness of its New Prompts to Get Users to Read Content Before Retweeting

Twitter has shared some insights into the effectiveness of its new prompts to get users to read posts before they retweet, which it first launched back in June.

4 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape in 2020 & Beyond [Infographic]

Looking for new ways to boost your digital marketing efforts? Check out this list of key marketing trends of note.

Google Adds New Search Listing Options to Help Businesses Highlight Updated Service Offerings

Google is adding some more Google My Business profile display options to better align with evolving shopping behaviors amid COVID-19.

Facebook Is Removing Its Restrictions on Text Content in Facebook Ad Images

Facebook is removing its restrictions on ads which include too much text in the main ad image.

Facebook Shares New Insights into Gen Z, and How COVID-19 has Changed Their Outlook [Infographic]

Facebook has published a new report which looks at how the COVID-19 has impacted Gen Z, and impacted their approach to content online.

Facebook Expands Rights Manager to Detect Copyrighted Image Use Across Facebook and Instagram

Facebook has announced an expansion of its Rights Manager tool, which will now detect image copyright violations across Facebook and Instagram.

10 september 2020
LinkedIn May Soon Provide the Option to Add URL Links into Your LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is testing a new option that would enable users to add ‘swipe up’ URL links to their LinkedIn Stories.

Instagram Launches Dedicated Tab for Reels in India

Instagram is adding a new, dedicated tab for its new ‘Reels’ functionality to cater to rising usage of the option in India.

Twitter Adds Example Tweets to Selected Trends in Order to Provide More Context

Twitter is looking to add more context to its Trending lists by displaying example tweets, representative of the trend, for some topics.

Facebook Adds More Ways to Export Photos and Videos as Part of Data Portability Initiative

Facebook will now enable users to export their posted photos and videos via Dropbox and Koofr, along with Google Photos.

Twitter Announces New Push to Improve Tweet Accessibility Options

Twitter has announced two new teams that will focus on improving the platform’s accessibility features.

Facebook Launches ‘Get Digital’ Program to Improve Digital Literacy Among School Students

Facebook has launched a new program to help students understand the various privacy and security concerns online, with many of them returning to school in digital form.

20 August 2020
Instagram Adds New Prompt to Alert Users When They Seek to Share Private Posts and Stories

Instagram has added a new notification which will alert users when they go to share a private post with their connections.

Instagram Replaces Nametag Codes with QR Codes to Help Quickly Connect Users

Instagram has added new QR codes for profiles, which will replace Nametag Codes, which Instagram launched in 2018.

Twitter Launches New Transparency Center to Better Highlight Actions Taken

Twitter has launched a new Transparency Center to help provide more insight into actions it’s taken based on rule violations, information request and more.

Facebook’s Updating its Ad Preferences Hub to Make it Easier to Control Your Personal Ad and Data Settings

Facebook will soon launch a new update for its Ad Preferences tool to make it easier to understand each element.

Snapchat Looks to Expand Off-Platform Sharing Options to Expand Audience Reach

Snapchat is working on some new ways to share content, both within and outside the app itself.

Facebook Adds New Page Follow Settings to Control Which Updates You See

Facebook is giving users more control over the alerts they see from a Facebook Page.

LinkedIn Outlines New Process to Detect and Hide Inappropriate InMail Messages

LinkedIn has built a new system to detect harassment and unwanted advanced via its messaging platform.

13 August 2020
Twitter Rolls Out Tweet Reply Controls to All Users

After testing them out over the last few months, Twitter is now rolling out its new tweet reply control options to all users.

YouTube Will Stop Sending Email Notifications to Alert Channel Subscribers to New Content

YouTube is removing its email notifications for new content uploads after finding that only 0.1% of them were ever read.

Facebook Updates Chat Plugin for Websites to Enable Messaging Without Logging onto Messenger

Facebook has updated its Messenger chat plug in for websites, which will now enable non-logged in users to send messages to your business.

Who Are You IRL? Social Media Vs Reality [Infographic]

The life that people portray online is often not representative of their reality. Take a look at these stats.

WhatsApp Launches New Google Search Prompt In-Stream to Help Verify Highly-Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp has added a new Google search option in-stream which will enable users to get more context about forwarded messages in the app.

Google Provides More Ad Transparency, Plans to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

Google is adding more transparency detail to its ad listings, while its also planning to update its data-tracking processes.

24 July 2020
Facebook Will Now Enable Users to Broadcast their Messenger Rooms via Facebook Live

Facebook will now enable users to broadcast their Messenger Rooms video chat conversations via Facebook Live, expanding the audience potential of Rooms discussions.

Facebook Shares New Insights into Most Shared Posts on its Platform

Facebook has shared some new insight on the content that sees the highest distribution across its network.

Twitter Adds More Users in Q2, but Sees Revenue Decline 19%

Twitter has reported its latest performance update, showing an increase in users amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but a significant impact on

Twitter Tests New App Icons and Launch Screen for iOS

Twitter is testing some new looks for its app on iOS, including a new video splash screen intro.

Facebook’s Rolling Out Touch ID and Face ID Lock Options for Messenger

Facebook is adding new Touch ID and Face ID options for Messenger on iOS, which could help you stop people snooping on your private chats.

LinkedIn to Cut 6% of Global Workforce Due to Impacts of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 shutdowns having an impact on recruitment and acquisition, LinkedIn has announced that it will cut almost 1,000 roles.

Snapchat Adds 9 Million More Daily Active Users in Q2, Reports 17% Increase in Revenue

Snapchat has reported its Q2 2020 numbers, showing increases in both users and revenue in the period.

17 July 2020
Facebook Rolls Out Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App

Facebook’s expanding its screensharing options within Messenger to both Messenger Rooms and the mobile app.

Snapchat Adds Brand Profiles as it Looks to Expand its Business Appeal

Snapchat is rolling out new brand profiles, providing more ways for brands to connect with Snapchatters in-app.

Pinterest Shares New Guide to Effective Pin Marketing in 2020

Pinterest has published a comprehensive new guide to Pinterest marketing in 2020, which is a must-read for all potential business users.

Twitter Rolls Out New Direct Message Overlay to All Desktop Users

Twitter users on desktop will now be able to respond to direct messages without having to leave their main tweet feed, with Twitter adding a new message overlay window.

Google Invests $4.5 Billion Into Indian Internet Provider Jio

Google has announced the first element of its latest push into establishing a stronger presence in the Indian market.

Facebook Rolls Out New Image Presentation Options to More Users

Facebook is rolling out a new set of options for image presentation within posts.

Facebook Launches New Hosting System for Music Videos, Which Could Give Facebook Watch a Boost

Facebook is launching a new program designed to lure more musicians to post exclusive video clips to the platform.

LinkedIn Continues to Add More Quick Creation Option in the Post Composer

With LinkedIn engagement reaching new highs, the platform is working to add in new tools to keep the content flowing.

Google Invests $10 billion into Developing India’s Digital Ecosystem

Google has announced that it will invest $10 billion into developing India’s digital infrastructure over the next seven years.

09 July 2020
Instagram Gives All Users the Option to Pin Post Comments

After testing it out over the last few months, Instagram will now enable all users to pin up to three comments on their posts.

Twitter’s Working on a New Collaborative Option for Fleets

Twitter is working on another iteration of its new ‘Fleets’ tool, which would enable users to create collaborative Fleets, its version of Stories.

Google Adds New Prediction and Trend Tools to Help Maximize Ad Campaigns

Google is adding some new tools to help advertisers maximize their ad campaigns, including trend-based recommendations and insights into Smart Bidding.

WhatsApp’s Rolling Out Dark Mode for its Web Version

WhatsApp is now rolling out its dark mode option for web users, after launching it in the app back in March.

Instagram Launches TikTok-Like ‘Reels’ Functionality in India

With TikTok shut down in India, Instagram is seizing the opportunity, releasing its TikTok-like clone ‘Reels’ in the Indian market.

Twitter Provides Listing of Major Events for Marketers to Note in July 2020

Twitter’s July 2020 major events calendar looks a bit more bare than in years past, but there are still some kay dates of note for your planning.

How to Manage Negative Social Media Comments [Infographic]

At some stage, all social media managers will need to deal with negative comments. Here’s a simple overview of how to address them.

6 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Can Sink Your Marketing Budget (and How to Avoid Them)

Facebook ads can be a powerful outreach and promotion option – but there are some key mistakes that you need to avoid.

02 July 2020
Instagram is Testing a Full-Screen Stories Display as Stories Usage Continues to Rise

Get ready for the next level of the Instagram Stories takeover…

LinkedIn Publishes New Data on How Marketers are Dealing with the Impacts of COVID-19 [Infographic]

LinkedIn has published a new report on how marketers are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, based on insights gleaned from 450 industry professionals.

Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide for 2020

Facebook has published a new guide to help marketers map out their 2020 holiday marketing campaigns.

Google Adds Auto-Generated ‘Smart Replies’ to YouTube Studio

Google is adding its auto-generated ‘Smart Replies’, which provide quick response options based on machine learning, to YouTube Studio to help creators engage with their communities.

WhatsApp Launches Animated Stickers, QR Codes and New Video Call Options

WhatsApp has announced a range of new, interactive tools, including animated stickers, QR codes, new dark mode options, and more

LinkedIn Launches New Career Opportunities Hub to Assist Job Seekers

LinkedIn has launched a new initiative to help job seekers find new roles, with a new hub that lists in-demand skills, and connects users to free courses on the same.

LinkedIn Launches New ‘Support’ Reaction, New Tools to Provide Assistance for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has added some new tools to help people provide support and assistance to others within their professional networks.

Facebook Expands Creator Monetization Program, Adds New Analytics Tools and Ad Options

Facebook has announced a range of new tools to help creators monetize their Facebook content, while also enabling more people to apply for monetization capacity.

19 June 2020
Facebook Launches New Legal Action Against Fake Engagement Sellers and Data Scraping

Facebook has launched another set of legal proceedings against companies that sought to misuse its services.

YouTube Tests New Shoppable Product Ads, Launches “Video Action” Campaigns

YouTube is rolling out two new ad types in order to help marketers capitalize on the rise of online video.

Google Has Released a New, Pinterest-Style App called ‘Keen’

Google has launched a new, Pinterest-style app, which could be another measure in its efforts to keep Pinterest at bay.

Facebook Makes ‘Collections’ Lists Publicly Shareable, Which Could Add New Functionality

Facebook is providing more options to share your Collections, which could provide a new way to showcase products via influencer partnerships.

Instagram Tests Shopping Tags in Post Captions

Instagram is testing shopping tags in post captions with some creators.

Google Adds Quick Insights on Ad Performance and ‘Keyword Themes’ for Ad Targeting

Google’s added some new tools to help maximize your Google Ads performance.

06 June 2020
Twitter’s Working on a New Iteration of Tweet Reactions

Twitter’s working on a new option to use emoji reactions in response to a tweet.

LinkedIn is Testing a New ‘Status’ Option to Help Keep Connections Updated on What You’re Up To

LinkedIn is testing out a new ‘Status’ option which would enable users to share a quick snapshot of what they’re doing at any given time.

Twitter Launches it Stories-Like ‘Fleets’ in India, in Addition to Brazil and Italy

Twitter’s take on the Stories format is now being made available to Indian users.

Facebook is Adding a New Option to Switch Between Personal and Business Accounts in Messenger

Facebook’s adding a new account switching option in Messenger, helping businesses stay on top of customer queries.

Twitter Could Soon Re-Open Applications for Profile Verification

Twitter looks to be testing a new application process for profile verification.

Snapchat Announces Action Bar, Voice Activated Lenses, News Updates and More at Partner Summit

Snapchat has announced a range of coming features at its 2020 Snap Partner Summit, including advances in AR, new UX features, featured map listings and lots more.

05 June 2020
LinkedIn Offers Free Courses in Diversity and Inclusion to Improve Community Understanding

LinkedIn will make a range of LinkedIn Learning courses on diversity and inclusion available for free in an effort to help more people understand how to best address these key issues.

20 Lead Magnet Ideas to Rapidly Grow Your Email List [Infographic]

Get more email sign-ups with these lead generation ideas.

How Brands Can Benefit from Social Media Groups (#SMTLive Recap)

During one of our most recent Twitter chats, we spoke with marketers about the benefits of and best strategies for managing social media groups. Here’s what our friends on #SMTLive had to say.

Instagram Tests Messenger Integration, New ‘Plans’ Sticker for Scheduling Online Meet-Ups

Facebook’s messaging integration has taken another step, with a new test of an Instagram/Messenger function, while Instagram’s also testing a new sticker type.

Facebook Updates Controls Over What Posts and Content is Displayed on Your Profile

Facebook has added some new tools to make it easier to manage what people can find on your Facebook profile.

29 May 2020
Instagram is Testing a Double-Story Stories Feed with Some Users

Instagram is testing a double-story Stories feed in the app, continuing its gradual shift towards becoming a Stories-first platform.

Facebook Expands Verification Requirements to Profiles with Large Audiences

Facebook is expanding its verification requirements to profiles with large audiences as it seeks to ensure people are who they claim to be on the platform.

Twitter Rolls Out Native Scheduling Within the Tweet Composer Window on Desktop

Twitter is bringing drafts and tweet scheduling to the desktop app, direct from the tweet composer window.

Snapchat Announces Online Partner Summit for June

Snapchat will host a virtual partner summit on June 11th, where it will announce a range of new product features and platform updates.

Google Adds New Tools to Help Businesses Call for Support and Promote Online Options During COVID-19

Google is adding some new ways for businesses to promote donation options, and alternate, online offerings, during COVID-19.

Twitter’s Making it Easier to Add Alt-Text Descriptions to Uploaded Images

Twitter’s making it easier for users to add alt-text descriptions to their uploaded images, with a dedicated ‘+ALT’ icon on the image.

Google Launches Discovery Ads in All Regions, Providing New Ways to Reach Browsing Consumers

Google has expanded the availability of its Discovery Ads, providing a new way to reach users across its apps.

14 May 2020
Google Adds New Option to Group and Color-Code Tabs in Chrome

Google has added a new option to help keep track of your open tabs in Chrome.

Twitter Officially Launches New ‘Retweets with Comments’ Listings on iOS

After testing the option over the past few weeks, Twitter is now officially releasing its new, integrated retweet display, which includes a separate list for ‘Retweets with Comments’.

Instagram Adds New Anti-Bullying Measures, Including Bulk Comment Actions and Mention Controls

Instagram has added some new anti-bullying measures, including the capacity to delete multiple comments at once and new controls on who can @mention your account.

LinkedIn’s Merging its Live-Streaming and Events Tools for Virtual Events

LinkedIn is looking to better facilitate virtual events by incorporating the functions of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events.

Google Adds Donation and Gift Card Purchase Links on Business Profiles

Google has added some new support link options to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 to rally support.

Google Announces New, Free Digital Skills Training Sessions Online

Google is expanding its free digital training sessions online, in order to meet demand amid the COVID-19 lockdowns.

23 April 2020
Twitter’s Testing a New Way to Display Retweets With Comments

Twitter is looking to address a common annoyance in how quote tweets are displayed in mentions.

Facebook Adds New ‘Animate’ Option to Add Motion to Still Images in Facebook Stories

Facebook has added a new ‘Animate’ option to Facebook Stories, which provides a way to add basic motion to still images.

Twitter Publishes New Data on Video and Ad Content Performance During COVID-19

Video watch time is up, while people are generally still open to brand messaging, according to the latest COVID-19 usage insights from Twitter.

Instagram’s Looking to Fast Track the Deployment of Account Memorialization Tools in Light of COVID-19

Instagram is looking to fast-track its development of an account memorialization tool for users who’ve passed away.

TikTok Now Enables Web Login, Including Access to Analytics and Video Uploads via Desktop

TikTok now provides an option to login to the platform via desktop PCs, which could make it easier for social media managers to maintain their TikTok presence.

Facebook Purchases Majority Stake in Indian Internet Provider Jio for $5.7 Billion

Facebook has purchased a majority stake in Indian internet provider Jio, as it moves to solidify its position in the developing Indian market.

16 April 2020
Facebook Is Testing Longer-Lasting Stories, With an Option to Keep Stories Active for 3 Days

Facebook is testing a new option which would enable you to keep your Facebook Stories active for longer than the current 24-hour expiry period.

Instagram Adds Gift Card, Ordering and Fundraising Tools to Help Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Instagram has added a new set of Stories stickers to help small businesses raise funds and maintain operations amid the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Facebook Adds New Metrics to its Ad Library Listings to Improve Transparency

Facebook has added some new data points to its Ad Library listings to improve transparency and insight.

Messenger Launches WHO ‘Health Alert’ Bot to Provide COVID-19 Information

Facebook has partnered with the World Health Organization on a new chatbot to provide users with timely info about the COVID-19 pandemic.

YouTube Tests ‘Video Chapters’ to Skip Through to Relevant Sections in a Video

YouTube is testing a new option that would enable creators to specify sections of their videos, with annotated notes, to help viewers skip through to relevant sections.

09 April 2020
Instagram Adds DM Access to Desktop Version

Instagram is now rolling out DM access via desktop, which could help social media managers streamline their processes.

The Evolving Discussion Around COVID-19 and How Brands Have Responded [Infographic]

COVID-19 is dominating everything at the moment. Here’s a look at how the coronavirus discussion has evolved on social, and how some brands have adapted their messaging.

Pinterest Adds New Shopping Tools to Help Brands Capitalize on Rising eCommerce Trends

Pinterest has announced a new set of updates to its shopping tools, as more people turn to the platform to discover products amid the COVID-19 lockdowns.

WhatsApp Implements New Restrictions on Message Forwarding to Limit the Spread of Misinformation

With misinformation campaigns rising on WhatsApp, the messaging app has taken new steps to limit the capacity for viral reach.

Facebook Adds New Tools for Groups to Help Ensure Members Are Getting Accurate COVID-19 Information

Facebook has added some new tools for group discussion around COVID-19 that will help to ensure accurate, up to date information is being shared.

Snapchat Launches New Lens Experience to Raise Awareness of WHO’s Efforts to Combat COVID-19

Snapchat continues to expand its COVID-19 awareness efforts with a new Lens experience that highlights the work of the World Health Organization.

26 March 2020
Instagram Launches New Co-Watching Feature to Help Users Connect Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

Instagram is launching a new ‘Co-Watching’ feature which enables users to scroll through Instagram within a video chat.

Pinterest Adds New ‘Today’ Discovery Listing to Highlight Trending Ideas and Inspiration

Pinterest is rolling out a new tab called ‘Today’ which will showcase a listing of the latest trending ideas from across the app.

Twitter Pledges $1 Million to Support Journalists Covering COVID-19

Twitter has announced that it will donate $1 million to organizations which are providing support for journalists amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

YouTube Will Switch to Standard Definition by Default in All Regions to Lessen Network Load

YouTube is lowering the default video quality of its streams in order to lessen network load as reliance on connectivity increases amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads are Critical for Your Business During COVID-19

Does COVID-19 mean that you shouldn’t advertise on Facebook? If your business is in a position to keep the campaigns going, it could be the key thing that helps keep you afloat.

19 March 2020
Facebook Announces Free Assistance for Health Agencies Looking to Use Messenger to Communicate COVID-19 Info

Facebook will provide free services to health organizations in order to help them use Messenger to scale their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

11 SEO Hacks Guaranteed to Deliver Impressive Results on Google [Infographic]

Instagram has provided a new set of tips on how people can maintain connection with their audience via Instagram Live amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

Snapchat Surveys Users on Their COVID-19 Concerns [Infographic]

Snapchat has published a new overview of how its users are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, including notes on where they’re not visiting, where they’re getting their information and how they feel about what’s going on.

5 Content Marketing Trends to Help You Through the Coronavirus Chaos [Infographic]

Aside from the immediate, human impacts, the ongoing business impacts of the COVID-19 lockdowns will be significant. These tips could help you formulate a better approach to staying afloat.

YouTube Reduces Streaming Quality to Reduce Network Load, Adds New COVID-19 Info Panel

YouTube will reduce the quality of all streams in Europe to standard definition in response to concerns that web traffic may overload the systems amid COVID-19 changes.

02 February 2020
Google Has Removed Over 500 Chrome Extensions Due to Malware Concerns

Google has removed over 500 Chrome extensions after an investigation found them to be injecting malicious ads inside user browsing sessions.

Facebook Expands Data Set for Research Into the Spread of Misinformation and Its Impacts

Facebook will provide a new collection of anonymized data to enable academic researchers to study the impacts of fake news and misinformation on its platform.

YouTube Launches ‘Project Witness’, Using VR as a Tool to Raise Awareness Around Social Issues

YouTube has launched a new experiment which uses VR to provide more human perspective on the impacts of youth incarceration.

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion Active Users

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has reached a new milestone of 2 billion active users.

Twitter Adds New Option to Add New Tweets Into Old Tweet Threads

Twitter has added a new way to quickly link a new tweet to one of your older updates, enabling you to build on your older tweet threads and add more context.

5 Steps to Create Website Content That Outperforms Your Competitors [Infographic]

Looking to improve your content strategy? Check out these tips and tools that’ll help set you on the right path.

01 February 2020
LinkedIn Reaches 675 Million Members, Continues to See ‘Record Levels of Engagement

Microsoft has once again reported that LinkedIn saw ‘record levels of engagement’ over the last three months of 2019, while the platform also continues to expand its audience across the globe.

Twitter and Facebook Outline Efforts to Keep People Accurately Informed About Coronavirus

With concerns about the spread of coronavirus rising, and related discussion now stretching across the world, both Twitter and Facebook have this week outlined the proactive measures they’re taking to ensure that their respective users are guided towards accurate sources of information, and that the conversation is not hijacked by those looking to spread fear.

Pinterest Announces New Policy to Remove Misinformation About the Upcoming Census

With the 2020 US Census getting underway this month, the Census Bureau has been working with social platforms to stop the spread of misleading information which could hinder its capacity to capture accurate information.

Google is Working on Chatbots Which Can Engage in a More Genuine, Human Conversation

While there are now more than 300,000 active chatbots live on Facebook Messenger, chatbots, as a functional option, have never really gained traction the way that Facebook might have hoped.

Snapchat Publishes New Data on Brand Expectations Among Gen Z Consumers

In the modern, connected era, brands have access to more consumer insights than ever before, while consumers have more ways in which to share their opinions, and be heard by the businesses they deal with.

03 january 2020
Instagram Officially Begins Testing of DMs in Its Desktop Version

After being spotted in testing months ago, Instagram is now officially launching a test of direct message access in its desktop version.

LinkedIn Adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages and New ‘Invite to Follow’ Options

LinkedIn is expanding access to its native live-streaming feature, while it’s also looking to help company page managers expand their audience.

Facebook Dominates Most Downloaded Apps of 2019 Listing, Covering Both Android and iOS

App analytics provider Sensor Tower has released its listing of the most downloaded apps of 2019 across both iOS and Android stores.

Twitter is Considering Tipping via Tweet, New Identifiers for Trolls and More

As Twitter continues to ramp up its rollout of new features, it’s investigating several new options, including tipping in-tweets and reputational scores to disincentivize trolls.

Tumblr Launches New Digital Literacy Program as Platforms Seek to Address Misinformation

As digital platforms continue to research and refine their approach to fake news and misinformation, education is becoming a larger focus – and may help drive significant results.

02 january 2020
Top 10 Instagram Stats for 2020 [Infographic]

Looking to put more emphasis on Instagram in 2020? Check out this collection of key Insta stats from the team at Hootsuite.

Web Design Basics: 10 Tips for Effective Visual Communication [Infographic]

Ensure your visuals look their best with these simple design pointers.

Survey: Social Media Platform and Content Plans for 2020

We can try to predict the future direction of social media, but what strategies are marketers actually planning to implement in the coming year? We conducted a new survey to find out.

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Brand Recognition for Your Small Business [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to generate brand recognition for your business? Want to learn the different elements that make up your business brand?

Instagram Officially Launches New Layout Mode for Stories

After first being spotted in testing back in August, Instagram has this week officially launched its new Layout mode for Stories, which provides a range of grid display styles for still images within a single frame.

Facebook Publishes New Listing of Key Trends Set to Gain Momentum in 2020

Facebook has published a new overview of key topics and trends which it expects to see generate more discussion and interest as we head into the start of the next decade.

01 January 2020
Time for major news round-up from the Social Media World.

How to Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook has provided an updated overview of how to apply for profile verification on Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Publishes New Data on Ad Engagement for B2B Brands Over the Holidays

LinkedIn has published a new study which looks at engagement rates around B2B ads over the holiday period.

Facebook rolls out updates to its App Dashboard, giving developers more control over app permissions

The updates will enable app developers to only request necessary permissions for apps.

Twitter testing tweet scheduling on the web

Marketers who aren’t using a third-party tool to compose and schedule tweets could find this quite handy….

Twitter and Facebook Announce Over 6,000 Account Removals Related to Political Manipulation

Facebook and Twitter have removed thousands of profiles and Pages related to state-backed political misinformation and manipulation tactics.

Facebook Acquires Video Commerce Startup ‘Packagd’ to Help Boost In-Stream Buying Options

Facebook has acquired video commerce startup Packagd as it continues to explore the next phase of its eCommerce evolution.

05 September 2019
Snapchat releases latest update of trending topics on the platform

Snapchat has published its latest ‘Snap Chatter’ trends report, highlighting all the subjects seeing increased discussion in the app.

YouTube announces changes to data collection and Ad targeting on videos aimed at children

YouTube is changing its data collection and ad policies in relation to videos aimed at kids, which will impact some advertisers on the platform.

Twitter now allows line-breaks in profile bios – but only on Twitter.com

Twitter has added some new formatting options for profile bios – but they’re currently only showing in the web version, not the mobile app.

Facebook updates face recognition permissions to provide more control

Facebook is looking to provide more reassurance and data control to users in relation to its face recognition features.

Facebook may soon hide total like counts on posts, mirroring Instagram’s test

Following the same on Instagram, Facebook is now also considering hiding total post like counts in its main app.

Facebook highlights page stories in feed separate panel, expanding opportunity for brand exposure

Facebook is testing out yet another Facebook Stories promotion option, this time focused specifically on Stories content from businesses.

30 August 2019
Instagram is developing a separate Messaging App called ‘Threads’

Instagram is reportedly developing a new messaging app for close friends only, which would help keep people constantly updated.

Facebook brings 3D photos to android devices

Facebook is finally expanding its 3D photos feature to Android users.

YouTube will remove its In-App messaging option next month

YouTube is removing its chat feature in order to increase its focus on other forms of sharing in the app.

Twitter launches 6-Second video Ad bidding, providing new options for video marketers

Twitter is launching a new 6-second video ad bidding option, providing increased capacity for marketers to utilize Twitter video.

Facebook is removing its group chats feature to limit spammers

Facebook has announced that it will roll back its group chat option, which will impact communication across a range of Facebook groups.

Snapchat updates its lens studio to make it easier for creators to build their own AR experiences

Snapchat has launched a major update of its Lens Studio creative platform, expanding opportunities for creators.

16 August 2019
Instagram opens AR filter creation tools to all users

Instagram is opening up its augmented reality effects platform to all users, enabling a new range of creative options.

Facebook adds new booking and reminder prompts to movie Ads

Facebook is rolling out new updates for its movie ads, including reminder prompts in-app and direct booking options.

LinkedIn adds new audience insights through third-party partnerships

LinkedIn will provide more insights into key audience interests and trends via an expanded API program.

Facebook takes first steps towards building a dedicated, ‘Trusted’ news section

Facebook has approached several news publishers with a proposal for participation in a new, trusted news section on Facebook.

Snapchat announces a new version of spectacles, with Improved camera capacity.

Snapchat has announced another new version of its Spectacles, camera-enabled sunglasses

YouTube Super Chat gets rolled out to more countries.

Super Chat allows a user to purchase and highlight a message during a live stream. YouTube is now expanding the program to more countries in order to incentivize creators.

09 August 2019
Twitter begins a test of optional notifications for replies to any tweet

Twitter’s launched a new test of an option which would enable users to be notified about replies to any tweet.

Facebook adds new slideshow option to Facebook stories to boost usage

Facebook has added yet another option to Facebook Stories as it seeks to inspire more Stories usage.

Snapchat releases latest update of trending topics on the platform

Snapchat has published the latest edition of its ‘Snap Chatter’ trends report, which highlights key topics of discussion across its network.

Facebook adds Instagram scheduling to creator studio

Facebook is rolling out a new scheduling option for Instagram posts within its Creator Studio app.

Pinterest outlines rising pin trends in the latest report

Pinterest has published its latest listing of key on-platform trends, which may help guide your content decisions.

TikTok adds GIF integration with Giphy to add more creative capacity

Rising video app TikTok has added another tool to its arsenal, with a new Giphy integration, enabling users to add GIFs to their clips.

24 June 2019
Epic Games, the Creator of ‘Fortnite’, has Acquired Group Live-Streaming App Houseparty

The creator of popular online game ‘Fortnite’ has acquired group live-streaming app Houseparty, which has seen a steady rise in attention among younger audiences.

Facebook Announces New Tools for Watch, Updated Usage Stats [Infographic]

Facebook has published a new set of stats on Watch usage, which show that the platform is growing, though not particularly fast.

LinkedIn Officially Launches Photo Tagging, Adds Video Within Messaging

LinkedIn has announced a couple of new content features, including image tagging and video messaging.

Snapchat Sees Massive Increase in Downloads Following Launch of Gender-Swap and Baby Lenses

Snapchat’s recently launched baby and gender-swap Lenses have sparked a significant increase in app downloads.

Facebook and TikTok Lead in Overall App Downloads in May

While Facebook has continued its growth momentum, TikTok too manages to remain the trending app of the moment and maintain its growth momentum.

Instagram’s Working on a New Tool for Stories

Instagram is working on a new ‘Stop-Motion’ camera option for Stories, which could provide brands with an easy option for video posts.

29 May 2019
Instagram Adds Alternate Color Stories Notifier for Pride Month

Instagram celebrates Pride Month with a new rainbow coloured stories ring.

Snapchat’s Working on New Music Rights Deals to Enable Users to Add Songs to Their Snaps

Feeling the pinch from TikTok, Snapchat is working to establish new music rights deals with the major labels.

Instagram Adds Support for Landscape Videos in IGTV

Instagram will now give IGTV publishers the option to upload content in landscape format, a shift in direction from the original focus of the platform.

New Study Shows that Misinformation Sees Significantly More Engagement than Real News on Facebook

A new research report has shown that misinformation sees up to 4x more engagement than content from more reputable sources on The Social Network.

Facebook’s Working on a New Stories Composer Layout

As it continues to push Stories usage, Facebook is working on a new layout for its Stories composer screen.

16 May 2019
Facebook Re-Enables Option to View Profile as a Non-Connection

Facebook is bringing back the option to view your profile as a non-connection would see it, while its also making it easier to edit your publicly available information.

YouTube’s Adding New Still Image Ads

YouTube is adding a new option for non-video advertisers on the platform.

Facebook’s Developing New Link and Mention Stickers for Facebook Stories

Facebook looks to be developing a couple of new Stories options which could be of significant interest to social media marketers.

Facebook Implements New Restrictions on Who Can Go Live to Stop the Spread of Disturbing Content

Facebook has announced a new process which will see access to Facebook Live removed for those who violate platform policies.

Instagram Separates New Likes on Posts, Adds Unfollower Stats for Creator Accounts

Instagram is testing out a couple of new audience insights tools which, while small, could provide significant benefit.

YouTube Tests New Tool to Automatically Generate 6-Second Ad Variants from Longer Videos

YouTube is testing a new process that would use machine learning to automatically generate shorter video ad variants, based on longer video.

08 May 2019
Facebook F8 2019: New Tools for Messenger and WhatsApp

Facebook has announced a range of coming updates for its messaging tools at its annual F8 conference.

Instagram is Working on a New ‘Join Chat’ Sticker for Stories

Instagram is working on a new Sticker which would enable Instagram Stories viewers to join a private chat group.

YouTube Announces Changes to ‘Preferred’ Ad Offering, Makes YouTube Originals Free to View

YouTube has announced some updates to its ad offerings and premium video at its eighth annual Brandcast event.

Facebook Will Shutdown its Group Video Chat App Bonfire

Facebook has announced that its group video chat app Bonfire, which it launched in selected regions, will be shuttered.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Project Could Change the eCommerce Landscape

New details have emerged about Facebook’s cryptocurrency exchange project, which could become a major consideration in the near future.

30 April 2019
Snapchat Announces New Shopify Ads Integration, Expanding Advertising Opportunities

Snap Inc. has announced a new advertising partnership with Shopify which will enable small businesses to purchase ads on Snapchat.

Facebook is Testing New, More Animated Reactions

Facebook is working on some new animation styles for its reactions.

Facebook is Working on a New Creator Studio Dashboard for Instagram

Facebook is working on a new Instagram Creator Studio dashboard, which will be part of the existing Facebook Creator Studio app.

LinkedIn’s Testing a New ‘Services’ Listing on Profiles to Help Freelancers

LinkedIn is working on a new profile option which will enable users to list services they offer, thus helping freelancers promote their offerings

Snapchat Announces Bitmoji Characters for Snap Games to Add More Personalization

Snapchat is adding a new option which will enable users to add their own Bitmoji avatars as playable characters in Snap games.

Twitter Launches Simplified Process to Report Voter Misinformation

Twitter has launched a new option to help users report tweets which attempt to mislead voters with a view to skewing elections.

22 April 2019
Facebook’s Testing New Font Style Options for Posts

Facebook is testing out a new text styles option for News Feed posts, with a selection of fonts to choose from.

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts to Reduce Focus on Vanity Metrics

Instagram is experimenting with a new option that would hide total like counts on posts from all but the post creator.

Instagram’s Testing a New Communal Video Viewing Option

Instagram looks to be testing out a new option which would enable users to view video content while also seeing each other’s reactions on screen.

Twitter Will Test Option to Hide Replies, Outlines Improvements in Platform Safety

Twitter has announced that it will allow users to hide tweet replies as part of its ongoing efforts to improve on platform discourse.

LinkedIn Adds New ‘Teammates’ Option to Maintain Connection with Colleagues

LinkedIn has added a new tool which will enable users to prioritize updates from colleagues in their feeds.

Facebook Adds New Options for Posting 3D Photos, Including 3D Photos in Stories

After launching its 3D posts option last year, Facebook is now looking to advance its 3D tools, including a new option to post 3D images in Facebook Stories.

15 April 2019
LinkedIn’s Rolling Out Photo-Tagging, New Photo Stickers

LinkedIn has been gradually rolling out some new image features

Facebook’s Looking to Bring Messaging Back into the Main App

As part of its wider shift towards messaging, and to integrate its various messaging tools, Facebook may be looking to bring messaging back into its main app.

LinkedIn Begins Rolling Out its Own Version of Reactions for Posts

LinkedIn is now rolling out its own variation of Reactions for posts, providing more ways for users to quickly respond to updates.

Facebook Launches New Brand Safety Controls to Better Protect Advertisers

Facebook has updated its Brand Safety tools in order to help businesses ensure their ads don’t appear alongside potentially offensive content.

Pinterest Adds Conversion Optimization, New Video Ad Options

Pinterest has added some new ad options, including Conversion optimization and Promoted Video for Conversions.

Pinterest is Now Up to 265 Million Users, Added 51 Million Within the Last Year

Pinterest has released updated usage figures ahead of its IPO, showing solid, steady growth.

Twitter Reduces Maximum Number of Accounts Users Can Follow Per Day to 400

Twitter has reduced its limit on the maximum number of accounts users can follow per day in its latest effort to tackle spammers.

08 April 2019
Snapchat Announces a Range of New Tools at its First Ever Partner Summit

Snapchat has hosted its first ever Partner Summit, outlining a range of new tools and features for the app.

Twitter is Testing Out New Labels to Clarify Tweet Reply Streams

Twitter is testing out a new option which would label tweets to clarify who’s saying what in reply threads.

Twitter Adds Streamlined In-App Appeal Process for Reported Tweets

Twitter has added a new, streamlined appeals process for reported tweets which will help users unlock their accounts for incorrect reports.

Snapchat’s Testing New Snap Map Tools and Mention Stickers

Snapchat is working on some new tools for its maps feature, including a ‘Passport’ tool to track where you’ve been.

LinkedIn Adds Document Upload Options to Regular Posts, Providing New Sharing Options

LinkedIn has announced that all users can now upload documents and presentations in their feed posts.

Facebook May Add a Separate News Tab to Promote ‘High Quality, Trusted’ Journalism

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is looking at new ways to ensure accurate information is shared on Facebook, which may include a new, separate news tab.

01 April 2019
Facebook’s Considering Implementing Restrictions on Who Can Go Live

In the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks, Facebook is considering a range of new processes, including restricting access to Facebook Live.

Twitter Releases Darker Dark Mode in Response to User Complaints

Twitter has unveiled its promised darker ‘Dark Mode’ after users said that the original dark mode didn’t cut it.

Twitter’s Considering New Labels for Tweets from Public Figures Which Violate its Rules

Twitter is considering a new way to label tweets from public figures which technically violate the platform’s rules but serve a public interest purpose.

Facebook’s Making it Easier to Quickly React to Posts

Facebook’s added a new quick Reaction option, which enables users to tap and hold on a post, then choose a response.

Instagram’s Testing a Video Scrubbing Option

Instagram is testing a new option which would let you scan through posted video content.

25 March 2019
Facebook Discovers Another Data Security Issue, with Millions of Passwords Inadequately Stored

Facebook has found that millions of user passwords were being accessed internally via a plain text document without adequate protection.

LinkedIn Adds New Meeting Planner Tools Within it Messaging Stream

LinkedIn has added some new options to make it easier to plan meetings direct from your messaging stream.

Snapchat Launches First Voice-Activated Promoted Lens for Upcoming Movie ‘Shazam’

Snapchat has launched a new, voice-activated lens as part of a new promotion for the movie ‘Shazam’.

LinkedIn Adds New Ad Targeting Options, Including Lookalike Audiences

LinkedIn has added three new ways to better target your on-platform ads, including Lookalike Audiences.

Facebook Adds New Replies Option to Clarify Messenger Streams

Facebook’s adding a new threaded replies option to Messenger to better clarify group message streams.

Instagram Launches ‘Checkout on Instagram’ to Facilitate In-App Shopping

Instagram is taking the next big step with its on-platform shopping options by adding a new way for users to make streamlined purchases without leaving the app.

18 March 2019
Instagram Rolls Out Option to ‘Pause All’ Notifications

Instagram is rolling out a new option which will enable users to stop the app sending them notifications for a selected period of time.

Twitter Has Launched its New Beta Testing App with the First Round of Users

Twitter has released its new beta testing app, ‘Twttr’, to the first round of approved users, showcasing its experimental format for tweet replies.

Facebook Adds New ‘Watch Party’ Option, Spotify Links to Songs on Profiles

Facebook is adding a new option to host a Watch Party for regular TV shows, and a new way to link profile posted songs to Spotify.

Twitter Launches New Camera Tools to Increase Visual Focus

Twitter has launched a new Twitter camera, which better aligns with the visual tools on other apps and will give the platform more opportunity to add in image-based tools.

Facebook Outlines New Machine Learning Tools to Detect and Remove ‘Revenge Porn’

Facebook has outlined new tools to better detect and remove non-consensual intimate images, and new resources to assist victims.

Snapchat Will Reportedly Launch a New, In-App Gaming Platform Next Month

Snapchat looks set to unveil its new gaming platform, which will provide another avenue for the company to generate revenue.

11 March 2019
Twitter Adds More Options to Report Tweets Sharing Personal Information

Twitter is making it easier for users to report violations of their personal information with a new tweet reporting option.

Google’s Adding New, Advanced AR Masks to YouTube Stories

Google has outlined its advanced AR effects process, which it will use to power new creative tools for YouTube Stories.

YouTube tests Out New ‘Fact Checks’ on Misinformation Prone Content

YouTube is testing a new Facebook-style fact check pop-up which will appear on certain content.

Snapchat Releases Latest Update of Trending Topics on the Platform

Snapchat released the latest update on their platform.

Instagram’s Working on New Sorting Options for Followers, Karaoke-Style Music Videos

Instagram is working on some new options which would enable you to sort your follower and following lists, and search through your likes.

Snapchat Launches Beta Test in Eight Different Languages

Snapchat is testing out new language compatibility as it seeks to expand its business horizons.

Instagram’s Working on a New Way for Brands to Expand Influencer Campaigns

At an event in New York, Instagram outlined a range of coming additions for influencers, including a new ad option.

05 March 2019
WhatsApp Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary as it Continues to Broaden its Business Push

Messaging giant WhatsApp celebrates is tenth anniversary last week, as its shift into business tools continues to evolve.

LinkedIn Adds New Salary Insights on Job Listings, Expands Availability of Salary info

LinkedIn is expanding access to its LinkedIn salary tool, providing more insight into what you can expect to earn in advertised positions.

LinkedIn Expands Rollout of ‘What People Are Talking About’ Trending News Section

LinkedIn is giving more users access to its new trending content feature, with a big focus on Indian users.

Instagram Tests New Title Option for Instagram Live

Instagram’s trying out a new option which will enable users to add titles to their Instagram Live videos

Twitter’s Testing a New Option Which Would Enable Users to Hide Selected Tweet Replies

Twitter is reportedly working on a new tool which would enable users to hide selected replies from any of their tweets.

Facebook Launches Legal Action Against Companies Selling Fake Followers and Likes

The days of those selling social media followers and engagement may be numbered, with Facebook launching legal action in the US Federal Court.

25 February 2019
Instagram’s Working on New Updates for IGTV, Public Collections

Instagram is working on a couple of new features for IGTV, and a new public Collections display.

Users Can Now Apply to be Part of Twitter’s Beta Test Group and Get a First Look at Coming Features

Twitter is inviting users to apply to test its new conversational features via a new beta test group.

Facebook’s Migrating All Ad Campaigns to Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook will soon be migrating all ad campaigns to its Campaign Budget Optimization process

Facebook Changes Location Settings on Android to Reassure Users

Facebook is looking to give users more control over how it uses location tracking in order to provide additional reassurance and privacy.

TikTok tests native video ads that point to websites

The ad was spotted in a video clip labeled “Sponsored” from retailer Specialized Bikes.

Instagram Tests ‘Donation’ Sticker in Stories

Instagram is reportedly testing a new donation sticker on Stories as a fundraising tool for organizations and personal causes.

18 February 2019
Instagram Launches New Creative Tools for Black History Month

Instagram has launched some new creative tools for Black History Month, as well as a new promotion to showcase relevant creators.

LinkedIn Updates Recruiter Platforms, Adds New AI Tools to Improve Matches

LinkedIn is rolling out a new update for its recruitment tools, including the addition of improved candidate matching via AI.

Reddit Adds App Install Ads, Improved Tracking and Measurement

Reddit continues to build out its advertising options, this time with the addition of app install campaigns.

LinkedIn Announces New Groups Features, Catering to Increased Group Engagement

LinkedIn has announced some new features for groups, with group engagement on the rise.

Instagram’s Bringing Direct Messages to Desktop

Instagram’s looking to expand access to its direct messaging feature by extending it to the web.

12 February 2019
Instagram’s Developing an Account Linking Feature to Simplify Multiple Account Management

Instagram is working on a new option that would enable users to link multiple accounts to a single login.

Snapchat Launches Virtual Art Gallery for Black History Month

Snapchat has launched a new AR Millennial art exhibition to celebrate Black History Month.

LinkedIn Launches its Own Variation of Live-Streaming Called ‘LinkedIn Live’

LinkedIn is launching its own version of on-platform live-streaming, starting in the US.

Instagram Will Now Remove Any Self-Harm Related Images as Part of New Safety Measures

Instagram has announced new rules around images related self-harm as part of measures designed to protect vulnerable users.

Instagram Rolls Out New IGTV Promotions in the Main Feed

As part of its efforts to get more people watching IGTV content, Instagram is launching new IGTV promotions within the main feed.

Facebook Page Admins Will Now Be Able to Respond to Instagram Messages from Page Inbox

Facebook has quietly taken another step towards the unification of its messaging apps.

Twitter Reports Another Decline in Users, Shifts to Alternate Performance Metric

Twitter has reported its Q4 and full year 2018 performance numbers, showing an increase in revenue and a decrease in users.

Facebook Rolls Out Messenger ‘Unsend’ Feature to All Users

Facebook is now rolling out its ‘Unsend’ option in Facebook Messenger to all users after testing it in selected regions.

05 February 2019
LinkedIn’s Developing its Own Form of Lookalike Audiences, According to Reports

According to reports, LinkedIn is developing its own form of Lookalike Audiences, which could help marketers maximize their on-platform ad efforts.

Pinterest Adds ‘Skin Tone’ Search Qualifier to Increase Discovery Personalization

Pinterest has added a new ‘skin tone’ option which will better enable users to find more relevant search results on the platform.

Facebook Launches New Privacy and Data Hub to Help Businesses Understand its Policies

To mark Data Privacy Day, Facebook has launched a new website which provides easy access to its data usage policies, and notes on how to protect people’s information.

Facebook Outlines Plans for Independent Board to Review Content Decisions

Facebook has outlined its plans for an independent content review board to better manage its appeal process.

Rising Video App TikTok is Already Testing Ads

As Facebook works to win back the youth, rising video app TikTok is looking to build its business tools and help brands connect with younger audiences.

Amidst New Privacy Scandal, Facebook Releases Bumper Q4 Report

In the midst of a new user privacy controversy, Facebook has released its Q4 2018 earnings report, showing an increase in users and beating analysts estimates on revenue.

Instagram Stories is Now Being Used by 500 Million People Daily

Facebook has reported that Instagram Stories has reached a new milestone of 500 million daily active users.

Reddit Launches New CPC Ad Option, Expanding Marketing Potential

Reddit has launched a new CPC ad option, and flagged coming changes to broaden its ad offerings.

Google Provides Official End Date for Google+

Google has outlined the official timeline for the closure of Google+, giving users time to download any content they might want to keep.

28 January 2019
Twitter’s ‘Night Mode’ to Go Darker After User Complaints

Twitter is making its night mode even darker after users complained that the dark blue background was still too light.

Facebook Launches New Option for Users to Create their Own On-Platform Petitions

Facebook’s launching a new option which will enable users to create their own petitions to rally support for causes.

Facebook Adds New ‘Page Quality’ Information as Part of Measures to Stop Misuse

Facebook is rolling out a new Page update which will provide more insight into potential rule violations that could be impacting performance.

LinkedIn Adds New Interest Targeting Options for Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn is adding over 200 professional interest categories to help brands target their on-platform campaigns.

Netflix Adds New Instagram Stories Sharing Function, a New Marketing Consideration

Streaming giant Netflix has added a new option to share the latest show or movie you’re watching to your Instagram Story, which may become a popular consideration for more brands.

Facebook Announces New Brand Safety Certification to Assist with Safe Ad Placement

Facebook is adding another new option to provide advertisers with more control over where their ads appear.

Facebook’s Shutting Down its Standalone ‘Moments’ Photo App

Facebook has announced the closure of its standalone ‘Moments’ photo sharing app.

Instagram Adds Option to Link to Instagram Stories, Expands Stories Promote Tool

Instagram has added a new option which enables users to share a direct link to an Instagram Story.

YouTube Updates Recommendations Algorithm to Lessen the Spread of ‘Borderline Content’

Responding to user complaints, YouTube is changing the way it recommends content to stop the spread of questionable videos.

24 January 2019
Facebook Adds New Option to Create Dynamic Ads in Multiple Languages

Facebook has added a new option which enables businesses to create Dynamic Ads for multiple languages and regions.

Facebook’s Bringing its Political Ad Restrictions to More Regions

Facebook has announced that it will be extending its political ad restrictions into more regions ahead of coming elections.

Facebook Updates Group Invites, Removing Ability to Automatically Add Members

Facebook has updated some of its rules relating to how group admins can invite new members.

LinkedIn Unveils New Additions to Company Pages, Including Employee Insights

LinkedIn has announced some new company page functions, built on the back of its recent company page update.

Facebook Offers More Cross-Posting Options to Better Connect Instagram and Facebook

Facebook is adding more ways to integrate Instagram and Facebook posting, boosting content opportunities for both platforms.

Twitter Details Plans for Beta Testing of New Conversational Features

Twitter is running a new beta test of its ‘conversational’ updates, which could significantly change the Twitter process.

24 January 2019

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26 November 2018
YouTube Will Let Users Watch More Ads to Start in Order to Avoid Disrupted Viewing

YouTube is looking to make something of a compromise – you watch two ads before your video plays, and you can avoid being disrupted later.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Dashboards Tracking Time Spent in App

Facebook is now rolling out its promised ‘time spent’ dashboard within its main app, enabling users to track the time they’re active on Facebook each day, and set prompts to limit their use.

Twitter Seeks to De-Emphasize Follower Counts with New Update

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey noted that he wants to make follower counts a less significant element in the app

16 November 2018
Facebook Starts Rolling Out ‘Unsend’ Option in Messenger

Facebook will enable users to remove messages they’ve sent within 10 minutes of sending, so you can correct mistakes

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Addresses Possibility of an Edit Function at Event in India

Twitter boss told his audience, “We have been considering [an edit button] for a while,” adding that it needed to be done “in the right way.”

Instagram now lets you check your obsession for the platform

Your Activity, is available in the dashboard in the top right menu which will show you how much time you have spent on the app on average and how much you use it daily.

Instagram says it’s not testing or building a reposting feature

The company is looking to introduce native reposting, which will allow users to share posts from other accounts to your own feed.

07 September 2018
Twitter Rolls Out Audio-Only Live-Streams on Twitter and Periscope

Twitter has this week announced that it’s rolling out audio-only live streams, first on iOS, with Android to follow shortly.

Instagram Adds New ‘Super Zoom’ Variants in Stories, New Emoji Shortcuts in Comments

The platform has added some new Super Zoom variants, providing additional ways to use the option in your Stories. Instagram’s also making it easier to add emojis to your comments, by providing a new emoji selector right above your comment composer prompt.

Instagram Launches New ‘Parent’s Guide’ to Help Better Understand and Manage Time Spent

Instagram has launched a new resource to help parents better understand what their children are doing on the platform, and how to manage their time.

Snapchat Releases Latest Update of Trending Topics

Snapchat has released the latest edition of it’s ‘Snap Chatter’ monthly report, which highlights the most discussed, trending topics among Snapchat users.

03 August 2018
WhatsApp video calls will now support up to four people

Soon WhatsApp would be getting group video calling, an update is now rolling out for the Android and iOS apps that allows users to create video calls with up to four people at once.

Twitter cleans up spam, monthly users drop, but daily engagement increases

July 27, Twitter reported a loss of about a million monthly active users in the U.S. which also reflected internationally.

Facebook Stories adds group chat and reactions

Facebook is trying to make its Stories feature more engaging by adding a new feature to it. The social media firm has added new ways for users to interact with them. This includes tagging people in a reply and even post stickers in it.

Facebook is developing a singing ‘Talent Show’ feature; to compete with Musically.

Social media giant Facebook now plans to take on Musical.ly, with its own lip-syncing feature.

06 July 2018
Facebook Adds Stories Archive, Enabling Re-Use of Stories Posts

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new Facebook Stories archive, enabling users to keep their Stories updates for re-use.

Users Who Had Been Blocked on Facebook Messenger May Have Been Unblocked Due to a Bug

Facebook has revealed a bug which may have unblocked users on Messenger who users had previously blocked.

Instagram Rolls Out ‘All Caught Up’ Tool, Tests Option to Mute App Notifications

Instagram is adding new measures to help users keep track of their in-app actions and limit notifications.

Twitter Finally Launches its Ads Transparency Center

Twitter has launched its new Ads Transparency Center, which will give everyone the ability to see all the ads being run by a Twitter account at any given time.

29 June 2018
Instagram Adds Music Stickers, Another New Creative Option

The new music stickers option will give users the capability to add a soundtrack to their Instagram Stories. When you do add a music sticker, viewers will be able to tap on it within your Story to see artist and song title info.

Instagram Rolls Out Group Video Calls, New Explore Layout

Instagram’s new group video calling feature is available within direct message threads. It enhances the more private communication elements of the app – which, like most messaging tools, have become increasingly popular over time.

LinkedIn Adds New Translation Tools and QR Codes for Profiles

Where LinkedIn’s auto-translation tool is interesting is that the platform has immediately added the capacity to translate more than 60 languages. QR code option will provide a simple way to quickly find user profiles, and connect on-the-spot.

Facebook Adds Keyword ‘Snooze’ Option to Help User Avoid Spoilers

Facebook’s adding a new option which will enable users to mute certain words from their Facebook experience (News Feed and groups), ensuring they don’t see mentions of those terms for 30 days.

22 June 2018
Instagram launches IGTV

IGTV is giving people, brands, and business an opportunity to lead and be the first to create long-form vertical videos in your space. It allows you to upload videos of length- 15 secs to 60 mins. Brands/users can now benefit by using IGTV for: Interviews/Q&A’s, Video greetings/Introductions, Product Demos/Tutorials/How To’s, IGTV Exclusives, Webinars, etc.

Facebook launches a Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook is officially launching its new ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ dashboard, which will highlight relevant influencers to brands, and enable them to make connections.

Facebook has announced a new set of interactive video features

These features are designed to make video on Facebook more active – like engaging with a studio audience – as opposed to less psychologically beneficial passive consumption. The biggest announcement within this is a HQ Trivia-style interactive quiz option, which is now in testing for both Facebook Live and on-demand videos.

Facebook Announces 3D-180 Video – Another Step Towards VR Social

Facebook’s rolling out the new 3D-180 video option. Now, you’re not going to get the full, immersive experience of this video without a VR headset but FB is surely working towards making this an experience for all.

Snapchat Announces New Additions to Snap Map, Including Weather Effects

Now with this new feature, you can see if it’s raining in a person’s location on Snap Map’.

15 June 2018
Instagram Tests New Video Stickers in Stories

The new option enables you to create single frame collages of your images, with the moving video being the standout option. This new feature will be seen in your stickers tray.

Twitter Announces Major Updates for Content Discovery and Real-Time Alerts

Twitter’s also adding related news, events and stories panels at the top of Explore, which will relate to your entered topic searches. In addition, Twitter will also expand the Happening Now alerts to cover not only sports, but also breaking news, personalized to your interests.

Instagram Adds New Shopping Tags Within Instagram Stories

On Instagram Stories, you can now see a sticker with a shopping bag icon which you can tap on to see more details about a product. The tool will enable brands to add in shopping tags for multiple items within a single frame.

LinkedIn Adds new ‘Kudos’ Feature to Acknowledge the Contributions of Connections

LinkedIn’s latest addition, called ‘LinkedIn Kudos’, enables you to share a graphic in praise of a connection.

01 June 2018
Instagram now allows you to share posts directly to your stories

Instagram has enabled a new function to post any post on your timeline as your story.

85% Of Teens Use YouTube While Facebook Slides Down The Ranks

A new study released by Pew Research Center has revealed that YouTube has taken the lead as the most popular social media platform amongst the teens, while Facebook’s hold has slipped away.

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a “Restrict Group” feature

The feature will only allow WhatsApp group admins to send messages in the group. While all group members will be able to see these messages, only admins will be allowed to respond to these texts. Other group members can only read them.

Google photos to gain favourites” and ‘like feature’

Google has announced that it is adding the ability to add photos as your “favourites” and an option to “like” photos in Google Photos.

25 May 2018
Mute posts and stories of people on your feed without unfollowing them on Instagram

Instagram just added a feature to its photo-sharing app that finally gives users to remove specific accounts’ posts and stories from your Instagram feed without unfollowing them or even alerting them to what you did.

New features for Group admins designed to help keep groups safe and make it easier for admins

Group administrators now have a process to let members know why their content was removed and can collaborate with moderators via the admin activity log.

Instagram will tell you if you’ve seen all the posts on your feed

Instagram is showing some users a mid-feed alert after a bunch of browsing that says “You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seen all new post from the past 48 hours.”

Twitter is modifying the way conversations happen based on the behavior and conduct of users

The site will now use thousands of behavior signals when filtering search, replies and algorithmic recommendations, pushing tweets from offending users farther down the timeline ​

18 May 2018
India is getting three new Facebook features before the rest of the world

The three features are Voice Posts, the ability to archive Stories, and access to the cloud to store unshared photos. It is not yet known when the rest of the world will see these new Facebook features.

Instagram will soon give its users some insight into their individual app usage

Instagram will soon start showing its users the ‘time they have spent on the platform’ per Code spotted on their Android app. The experimentation titled, Instagram Usage Insights, has been confirmed by CEO Kevin Systrom on Twitter.

The line between Instagram stories and posts is getting thinner

There’s a new feature that will let users share posts — both from their own account and from public accounts they follow — directly to their story as a sticker. Instagram imagines the feature will be used to help promote friends and brands you like on your own story.

Twitter has made changes that will make third-party Twitter clients a bit substandard

The changes, which go into effect August 16th, do two main things: first, they prevent new tweets from streaming into an app in real time; and second, they prevent and delay some push notifications. Neither of these are going to break Twitter apps completely, but they could be very annoying depending on how and where you use it.

Twitter is changing how conversations happen based on user behavior and conduct

The site will now use thousands of behavior signals when filtering search, replies and algorithmic recommendations, pushing tweets from offending users farther down the timeline.

11 May 2018
Facebook To Allow Cross Posting LIVE Streaming Videos

Facebook is soon going to let brands cross post LIVE videos to multiple pages at the same time. This allows the content to be original post on multiples pages without having to re-share one sent by the main account manually.

Watch Facebook and Instagram Videos on Whatsapp!

Whatsapp would now allow you to play Facebook and Instagram videos within the app itself. Enjoy watching the video while chatting on the app. The feature has currently been rolled out only for iOS users. WhatsApp has also modified the message revoke limit.

Instagram Adds Fun Emoji Slider to Stories

Seen as a new variation to the poll sticker, the new sticker lets you rate the story with an animated emoji on a sliding scale. The sliding scale allows users to ask people “how” instead of simply picking between two options. Instagram has also updated the inbox feature for business profiles as well as changing discovery to action.

Twitter and LinkedIn update Privacy Policy to prepare for GDPR law

In wake of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law coming into effect, social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter have updated their privacy policy. Under the rule, companies will need users’ approval before collecting, using, and sharing their data with advertisers and other partners.

04 May 2018
Instagram Introduces Video calling

Instagram is taking audience engagement to the next level by introducing Video Chats. The video call can be done between two users or a small group. Soon the users will also be able to share stories directly from other apps like Spotify and GoPro. These apps will have the new feature of adding direct stories on the user’s account.

Facebook adds AR Filters to Messenger

Facebook expands AR filters to its Messenger app. Users engaging with a few selected brands on Messenger w ill have the option to access AR through a special button, which opens up their phone camera, and offers a number of branded AR overlays. The messaging app is also set to undergo a design change, becoming simpler and cleaner.

Filters by Accounts for Followers on Instagram

Instagram is planning to launch interactive story filter for users by the brands they follow. When you see an account you follow using a new camera effect, tap “Try it on” to add it to your tray, so you can then use it within your personal Stories.

Snapchat brings back its stories format

After Snapchat’s recent redesign inviting ire of users for separating interactions as per friends and brands, the social media platform has brought back its previous version.

27 April 2018
Download personal data from Instagram

Following Facebook, Instagram has enabled personal data downloading for its users. Giving users more power and security, the platform now allows users to download the videos, photos and messages.

Snapchat launches Snappables; relaunches Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles has been relaunched with improved design and features. The devise now comes with improved battery life and more storage, apart from being water resistant. Snappables, new interactive Lenses allow users to play augmented reality games against their Snapchap contacts with users able to control it using touch, motion, and even facial expressions.

More Stories now on Instagram

Instagram’s latest update will allow users to upload up to 10 multiple photos and videos as a story at once, along with a “preview” option. The users will be able to edit each of the multiple photos and videos individually with stickers, text and all the other creative tools while uploading the stories.

Twitter focuses on becoming a news app

Twitter’s latest updates highlights the links shared by users in the feed. The move comes as Twitter plans to change its identity from a social networking app to news app which now airs live news broadcasts alongside the Home timeline.

20 April 2018
Now add Boomerang, 3D Drawings, Poll Stickers to your Facebook Stories

Facebook adds new features to its stories; makes them more engaging and interesting by adding boomerangs, 3D drawings and Poll Stickers. The 3D drawing allows users to ‘draw’ on their surroundings, both before and during recording a video, a step ahead of SnapChat’s World Lens.

Snapchat’s Lens Studio gets 7 new templates

The addition of new templates to its Lens Studio is aimed at giving users more AR resources to play with. The new face templates come with integrated GIPHY stickers. The new features will be available to all Snapchatters to create and submit custom Lenses through its dedicated Creator Program.

Content to be moderated by real people on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids, meant for kids under 13 years of age, will now have real people to moderate the content being shared on the platform. The whitelisted version, where the content will be curated by humans, will exist along side the algorithm based app, giving the parents the liberty to choose out of the versions.

Google Launches Outstream Video Ads

Google has launched Outstream video ads for exclusively for mobile apps and the mobile web. The new ad unit doesn’t require placement in a YouTube video. The ad would appear in banners for mobile web placements and as banners, interstitials, in-feed and native for apps. The new ad unit would only appear on Google video partners, such as publisher websites and mobile apps.

13 April 2018
Facebook to push quality content to generate conversations

Content that are non-original & that people watch passively will see a drop in reach. News that are high quality and generate great conversations will be seen more in your newsfeed. This is to reduce the amount of time people spend passively on the social network, aimlessly scrolling through their newsfeed.

Google revamps Gmail

Google is preparing to roll out a revamped version of its email service, Gmail, in coming weeks. One of the highlights include snooze reminder by Google in case of being unable to attend to the email. Google is also reportedly working on a new way to store emails for offline access, following the dilution of Chrome Apps.

Now check Facebook status updates on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will now let users check the Facebook status updates they missed. The WhatsApp widget will sport a Today View section for the same. The app will also allow you to listen to recorded messages from your contacts even after if you switch apps or if your screen turns off.

Snapchat removes its controversial redesign

Snapchat brings back its reverse chronological order that allowed users to see recent stories first. Snapchat replaced its algorithmically sorted feeds that made the stories of the users you interact with more, appear first. The new update lets users see the latest stories first.

06 April 2018
Snapchat Introduces Group Video Calling

Snapchat introduces group video calling on its platform. The feature allows up to 16 users to participate in a video call at once. The voice call feature supports up to 32 users.

LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads for Company Pages

LinkedIn has taken a step forward by introducing video ads for its platform. Now promote video content with a call to action button while generating leads with your content. LinkedIn has also introduced the video uploading feature for company pages.

Facebook rolls out feature to identify bogus news sharers

As part of making the social media platform more reliant, Facebook has rolled out a new feature for its news feed that lets you know which of your friends are sharing fake news. Tapping on the ‘i’ icon of the story’s headline, the article source will be revealed with a map showing the location of the story’s previous source and the user.

Twitter suspends 1.2 million accounts

Twitter recently announced it has suspended 274,460 accounts for terrorist content since August 2015. The accounts suspended in the second half of 2017 were flagged by the company’s internal tools, as stated by Twitter.

30 Mar 2018
Instagram Feed Update

Instagram gives its users yet another treat. The latest update now lets the new posts appear in your feed first. This update would ensure flow of fresh content every time you visit the app.

Facebook revamps its privacy policy

Facebook, as part of its latest updates has revamped its privacy policy to give the users more control over the data and information they wish to share on the platform. The users can make the changes on their account , while also allowing them to download and delete their account data.

Google acquires GIF platform Tenor

The popular GIF platform Tenor has been acquired by Google. GIFs from Tenor has already been incorporated into a few Google apps like Gboard, Allo, etc.

Giphy makes Insta comeback!

Giphy was seen to be a huge hit with Instagram users. However, the brand disappeared from the platform while posting stories. Recent news state that Giphy is all set to make a comeback in Insta Stories.

23 Mar 2018
LinkedIn lets you spruce up your video content

LinkedIn added new video filters and text styles to make your content more appealing. The filters have themes related to work place and text styles or adding context so your community knows what’s happening, even when the sound is off.

Google Assistant now in Hindi

Google Assistant will now be available in Hindi for some Android phones. The Hindi support will be available on Android 6.0+ versions. Google Assistant is already available in Hindi in the instant-messaging platform Allo.

Instagram introduces clickable hashtags to bio

Make your Instagram account more exciting by adding clickable hashtags and account names. Earlier, only links added in the bio were clickable. This comes as a boon for marketers as the right hashtags would make their profile appear in the search results.

Snapchat adds location based ad options

Snapchat adds two new location based ad tools. This gives business more options to reach their right audience within the right time frame. Snap will now enable advertisers to reach audiences based on ‘Location Categories’ and ‘Radius Targeting’.

16 Mar 2018
Messenger to now have disappearing photos and videos

Facebook’s messenger will now have the feature of disappearing photos and videos. Reports suggest there can be more minor changes to the interface, including change in designs and addition of automatic translations.

Instagram’s new feature makes your photos just better

The popular portrait mode from iOS will soon be available on Instagram. This photograph feature gave the images a shallow depth, similar to a DSLR. The new Instagram feature would allow users to focus the portrait subject while blurring the background.

Twitter gets inspired for a Snapchat-like makeover

Reports suggest that Twitter’s Moment feature would soon be similar to Snapchat’s Discover feature. Twitter Moments would focus on photos and videos with a geotag, arranging the visual content around nearby events.

A solution for auto sound playing websites: Mute them

Google Chrome adds a new feature for its users to mute the websites that have auto-play sound videos. Now right-click on a tab and select “Mute Site” to make sure that the site never plays sound.

09 Mar 2018
Google Search to highlight posts from Verified Musicians

Google now enables the direct content and links of verified music artists to appear in a user’s search list. The catch is, the artists should have a Knowledge Panel to be able to make the most of this update. The update serves as a means for artists to connect direct with their followers through search results.

Voice Clips as Status Update in Facebook

Facebook is all set to introduce voice clip updates for its users. The social media giant is testing the update with a small section of users in India. Users will be able to share voice clips as their status update, with no length limit as of now.

Snapchat enables the ‘@’tag to snaps

Snapchat seems to be inspired by Instagram! As part of new update tests, Snapchat is letting a few set of users to tag a handle via text option on snaps. Users can tag multiple people on their snaps with a ‘Swipe Up’ prompt taking you through to a full list of those mentioned.

Google Chrome can now export passwords

Chrome adds yet another useful feature for its users. The hugely successful web browser now allows users to export passwords stored in the built-in password manager. To activate the feature, Android and Desktop users need to type a specific command by Chome, thereby revealing the export passwords option.

01 Mar 2018
Now save tweets without having to save them!

Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks for its users. The platform now allows users to save a tweet without having to tap the heart button. And the best part is, it’s only visible to you. The update is similar to ‘Save It for Later’ feature, allowing users to revisit the content directly in the bookmarks, places in the slide-out menu!

Facebook introduces Face Recognition feature

Aiming to give the users more control over the platform’s experience, Facebook has introduced Face Recognition feature. Enabling it notifies the user whenever they appear in another user’s photo update, despite not being tagged. However, the users have the privilege to accept or deny being tagged in the photos.

Now Find Jobs Directly Through Facebook!

Facebook is all set to roll out Job Hunting Tool in more than 40 nations. According to Facebook, users will be able to visit facebook.com/jobs or select “Jobs” in the “Explore” section on mobile. Once applied, business and the applicants are connected through messenger.

WhatsApp’s Instagram like time and location stickers for iOS users

WhatsApp’s new update, already in use on Instagram and Snapchat, allows location and time based stickers to be used on photos and videos being shared on the platform. The update will be available to Android users soon.

23 Feb 2018
The all new Chrome update makes those messy URLs short and clean.

The v64 update of Google Chrome app is making URLs user-friendly. The browser automatically trims off all the unnecessary information at the end of a URL before you share it. At the end of it, you’re left with a nice clean link without any clutter.

Snapchat now lets you add Giphy to your stories and introduces a new Tab feature for the stories.

Snapchat seems to be taking the Instagram route. The social media app now lets users add Giphy stickers to their stories. The new update will also have a Tab feature for stories for the users to organize their stories section.

The new Instagram update lets you control the duration of your direct message.

The revised privacy setting is allowing the users to decide how long they want their message, videos and photos, to the recipient. Unlike the current setting which makes the message disappear after a while, the current update would let the message appear for only a temporary moment.

Facebook feed to now feature higher-quality 3D content

Facebook is all set to promote higher quality 3D content on the platform. The latest update will integrate “glTF 2.0” file format, which can bring interesting objects and experiences with them across Augmented Rality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), mobile and web, as per the latest blog rolled out from Facebook.