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The objective was to launch the channel as the first authentic GEC in Punjab with the tagline – Jazba Kar Vakhon Da. The notion was to give the audience their first ever entertainment channel in their own language.


The major challenge was to position the channel as the first GEC in Punjab and converting the Hindi GEC consumers to Punjabi GEC consumers.
To build the brand and the new faces of the channel in a world of king-size celebs.
To ensure that the brand packaging and brand promise is unlike the old channel named Zee Punjabi.


The channel launch communication route rode on the brand’s proposition of “Punjab da apna entertainment channel.”
To bring out the punjabiyat of the people, we stated that if a Punjabi is living a Punjabi lifestyle, then why not consuming Punjabi entertainment.












We communicated the same to the audience that if they eat Punjabi food, wear Punjabi attire then why not watch Punjabi shows, thus building the Sada Zee Punjabi campaign.

The brand was promoted based on the exclusive motion posters, tune-ins and actor bytes for the countdowns of the shows and the festivals during the launch phase. The artists of the shows were involved to create a buzz about the channel and the shows as they shared every content on their pages as well.

The characters of the shows were introduced by telling about their name and their qualities that made them unique and identifiable.





















Besides creating tune-ins and posters, we endorsed The Brand Song “Maan Punjabi Hon te” by doing a Tik Tok Challenge hookstep activity to build and engage our audience organically.
The objective was to create buzz around the song as the renowned Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan sang the song. The objective was also to build TikTok as a platform for the channel after Facebook and Instagram.
As there were no influencers in our activity, we channelized the show artist to drive the activity.












It achieved the following numbers organically and due to profile visit campaigns.
Reach – 14183347
Engagement – 194491
Reach – 3409333
Engagement – 200983