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With everlasting strength and his will to conquer

Hanuman entered the digital world with Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram

His social media journey proved to be

As mighty and impactful as his deeds


“Buddhi-Hiina Tanu Janike

Sumirau Pavan Kumaar

Bala Buddhi Vidayaa Dehu Mohi

Harahu Kalesha Vikaar”


This is a Hanuman Mantra. It means to consider our prayers and bestow us with strength, Wisdom and Knowledge. With these blessings of Baal Hanuman, we began our social media campaign.

OBJECTIVE: To portray Baal Hanuman as the Parambhat               

CHALLENGE: To bring out the unknown facts of Baal Hanuman – Every time someone says Baal Hanuman, we have an image that pops up in our head or a fact about Baal Hanuman that we are familiar with. Which lays the idea that everyone knows something about Baal Hanuman.

SOLUTION: In order to portray Baal Hanuman differently and stand out with the character, we introduced Baal Hanuman in the world as the Parambhat. Involving voiceovers and micro scripts, we introduced the main character of the show, Baal Hanuman. As Baal Hanuman came to be known amongst all, it was time to introduce his family to the audience. We introduced the other characters of the show that play a vital role through videos and micro scripts all across Facebook and Instagram.


After Baal Hanuman and his family showered their blessings in the reel world, it was time for the audience to hum the iconic bhajan of the show – Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram. That is when the show’s song was launched and it gained massive audience attraction.


Isn’t it exciting to come across a fact that you weren’t aware of? Mostly the answer is a yes and keeping that in mind, we put forth lesser known facts about Baal Hanuman and his life to our audience and included polls so as to garner audience interaction. Not only this, we also sent out messages to people through our ORM activity based on their selected option on our questions. In order to increase engagement with the audience, we created shareable content in the form of Dohas that could be sent out as wishes.


A Baal Hanuman show would definitely be incomplete without Baal Hanuman’s mythological tales which are hilarious yet portray bravery and wisdom. So we created visually appealing stories and put it out on our social media platforms. Not only this, we also had Manoj Tiwari, who is a Baal Hanuman Bhakt promoting the show through a press conference which gathered a lot of attraction towards the show and other such people of the industry promoting the show because who better than them can promote the popular Baal Hanuman.


With countdowns and other trending content on social media, we managed to bring the campaign to superior heights and made a mark in the digital world of fast-running successful campaigns and our campaign analysis supports the above with the following insights.


Reach: 1.1M

Engagement: 49.6K

Impressions: 1.2M

Views: 459K