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A few years ago, celebrities were the face of every brand and had the limelight in terms of endorsing a brand. But gone are the days when celebrities alone stole all the attention. With the new digital age has emerged the era of influencers.

The new age of marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers through their unique personalities and creative work have gained massive love and following, making them the perfect face to reach your target audience.
Influencer marketing allows you to boil down to your set of an audience reaching the very core, as well as collect the data of your activity and analyse it to see how well your activity fared.

Why Invest In Influencer Marketing?

We are all always on our phones, either tapping, scrolling, liking… it goes on and on and why not be in a place where everyone is! They say the key to advertising is to find the space your audience is in and influencer marketing allows you to do that and more!

The G’s of Digital Influencer Marketing that makes it so appealing to the brands:

Gain Reach Through Micro-Influencers

Want to attract your audience but don’t know how? Influencer marketing is the answer! When you target an influencer that has the following of your customer base, you have basically tapped into the unlimited potential for your reach to multiple. When followers see the influencer they admire endorsing something it stays on their minds, interests them, and generates curiosity. In the age of tagging, it is a must that they will visit your page, and if you have what they need, voila! You’ve just earned yourself a customer.

Good Results From Influencer Networks

Influencer Marketing doesn’t only give your brand name a value but it is a guaranteed method of always having good results. What’s more? You can track the data of your results with concrete numbers and calculate your ROI to analyse whether your strategies have worked or if you need to try a different approach.

What TSBI Brings To The Table?

As exciting as the results of influencer marketing sound, it takes a lot of research, the right strategy, and a great knack for execution, and that’s where we come in! From understanding your brand values to finding an influencer that has the right audience we make your marketing stress free. We develop unique strategies and mind-boggling ideas that will make your micro-influencers and social influencer activity standout from the crowd and set you and your brand apart.

Our Approach To Influencer Marketing:

Just like every action has an equal reaction, every great output needs equal or greater input. If you do not collaborate with the right influencer for your brand, your efforts might go in vain. To avoid this, we thoroughly research your brand and understand your target audience, and then look for influencers that are a perfect match for your brand.


After you have the right influencer on the radar, what should be your next step? Our minds go beyond our creative limits and flesh out an idea just right for this activity. Just getting influencers isn’t enough! You need the right activity to do with them with a set goal in mind that will attract your audience. Today, influencer marketing is very common as well as competitive so what you get the influencer to do for your brand is the key to crack this game.


Strong ideas need strong execution! Our ideas look good on paper but look the best when executed with the right knack. From reaching out to the influencer with our strategy plan to making the deal crack, we make sure everything is done on time. We make sure that the activity takes place seamlessly on the allotted days and amplify the reach with our techniques. After the activity takes place, our work doesn’t stop there! Our team will gather all the data and analyse it properly to tell you how this activity fared and what needs to be your next plan of action.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Important For Your Business?

In this digital age, customers tend to trust recommendations from their favourite influencers and almost everyone has a favourite influencer. So, if you choose the right influencer, you will reach your audience efficiently.

Additionally, another reason why you should include influencers is that collaborating with them can enhance your SEO rankings. There is a greater possibility for it to enhance your website rankings as well. Our SEO services will help you greatly here by finding the right keywords that need to be used so that your brand is found by the audience. Influencer marketing is here to stay, so it’s only right if we work on how to generate the best results out of it.

How our influencer marketing services are different 


Be it Instagram influencer marketing, Youtube influencer marketing, or celebrity influencer marketing, we have a proven track record of executing all successfully. With our diverse portfolio of clients, we have the right knowledge and experience on what works for a brand and what doesn’t. We have the right team for every one of your needs that will make your social media influencer marketing process a cakewalk.

Brand promise

For us, our clients come first! We give utmost priority to each project that we have and make sure we deliver the best ROI for your brands and needs.

Exquisite Client Servicing

We offer you all the support you will ever need to make your brand reach different heights. Our client servicing team will make your entire journey with us a fruitful one, and above that, we pick up phones on Saturdays with a smile.

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