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Guest Column: Experiential marketing is bae!

The amalgamation of technology enabling experiences and easing out communication is breaking the complexities for everyone and ‘Experiential marketing’ is not excluded.

Digital technology is helping us fight the concept of space and time. Looks like a statement straight out of media professional’s book, but the context is tad different. Events have a fundamental restriction; it reaches out to quantified number of people, limited by the space they are allowed to exist in. The more you need to reach, the more you invest in the space. Secondly the core experience is limited by time. Enter digital extensions and it shatters the concept of space and limitations of time. It gives the experience a virtual extension which allows audiences to participate and consume content even if they are not present in that particular physical space. With Virtual Reality, one can be present in a space which doesn’t exist. With Augmented reality one can experience the space in an amplified form. Capturing the essence of the experience while it happens and storing it in the form of video content or social conversations also takes away the restriction that time has on the experience or the avatars that it can take.

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Another role that it allows is to play is turning storytellers amongst chaos- We know that we have all been doing montages and showreels of events, but this is not what I am talking about. Branded content or micro-content created out of events have great possibilities to act as marketing material or even act as a great incentive to sponsors. Our work with Corporate Talent Championship for TVS Wego where we captured the story of passion and rigour of talented professionals amidst the corporate chaos is one such example. (Yes, it’a shameless agency-work plug). Social Media and other content marketing opportunities allow attendees and followers to be engaged with you until your next interaction, increasing the life of the brand and reducing your effort to remind them about who you are in the next interaction.

Data is Annadata- no one refutes this. The amount of data that gets captured at events is priceless. Using technologies like RFID to track patterns of stall visits, timing at races, developing instant database and engaging real time can allow event marketers to crash time, improve strategies, layouts and communicate post event better. The data and actions that follow it can prove to be magical while one aims at increasing efficiencies.

Human trends are sinusoidal in nature with incremental differentiation and experiential marketing is right in the middle of this wave. A space that combines the importance of human connect is now augmented by the ability of technology. Experiential marketing in all its grandeur has the ability to connect people physically and transcend that experience digitally breaking the barriers of space and time. It’s not before long that virtual experiences and real people will define the reality called Experiential marketing.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors’ and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house

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