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29 June 2018
  • Instagram Adds Music Stickers, Another New Creative Option

    The new music stickers option will give users the capability to add a soundtrack to their Instagram Stories. When you do add a music sticker, viewers will be able to tap on it within your Story to see artist and song title info.
  • Instagram Rolls Out Group Video Calls, New Explore Layout

    Instagram’s new group video calling feature is available within direct message threads. It enhances the more private communication elements of the app - which, like most messaging tools, have become increasingly popular over time.
  • LinkedIn Adds New Translation Tools and QR Codes for Profiles

    Where LinkedIn’s auto-translation tool is interesting is that the platform has immediately added the capacity to translate more than 60 languages. QR code option will provide a simple way to quickly find user profiles, and connect on-the-spot. LinkedIn QR codes could be included on conference badges or lanyards for each individual participant.
  • Facebook Adds Keyword 'Snooze' Option to Help User Avoid Spoilers

    Facebook’s adding a new option which will enable users to mute certain words from their Facebook experience (News Feed and groups), ensuring they don’t see mentions of those terms for 30 days.
22 June 2018
  • Instagram launches IGTV

    IGTV is giving people, brands, and business an opportunity to lead and be the first to create long-form vertical videos in your space. It allows you to upload videos of length- 15 secs to 60 mins. Brands/users can now benefit by using IGTV for: Interviews/Q&A’s, Video greetings/Introductions, Product Demos/Tutorials/How To’s, IGTV Exclusives, Webinars, etc.
  • Facebook launches a Brand Collabs Manager

    Facebook is officially launching its new ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ dashboard, which will highlight relevant influencers to brands, and enable them to make connections.
  • Facebook has announced a new set of interactive video features

    These features are designed to make video on Facebook more active – like engaging with a studio audience – as opposed to less psychologically beneficial passive consumption. The biggest announcement within this is a HQ Trivia-style interactive quiz option, which is now in testing for both Facebook Live and on-demand videos.
  • Facebook Announces 3D-180 Video - Another Step Towards VR Social

    Facebook's rolling out the new 3D-180 video option. Now, you're not going to get the full, immersive experience of this video without a VR headset but FB is surely working towards making this an experience for all.
  • Snapchat Announces New Additions to Snap Map, Including Weather Effects

    Now with this new feature, you can see if it’s raining in a person’s location on Snap Map’.
15 June 2018
01 June 2018
25 May 2018
18 May 2018
11 May 2018
  • Facebook To Allow Cross Posting LIVE Streaming Videos

    Facebook is soon going to let brands cross post LIVE videos to multiple pages at the same time. This allows the content to be original post on multiples pages without having to re-share one sent by the main account manually.
  • Watch Facebook and Instagram Videos on Whatsapp!

    Whatsapp would now allow you to play Facebook and Instagram videos within the app itself. Enjoy watching the video while chatting on the app. The feature has currently been rolled out only for iOS users. WhatsApp has also modified the message revoke limit.
  • Instagram Adds Fun Emoji Slider to Stories

    Seen as a new variation to the poll sticker, the new sticker lets you rate the story with an animated emoji on a sliding scale. The sliding scale allows users to ask people “how” instead of simply picking between two options. Instagram has also updated the inbox feature for business profiles as well as changing discovery to action.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn update Privacy Policy to prepare for GDPR law

    In wake of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law coming into effect, social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter have updated their privacy policy. Under the rule, companies will need users’ approval before collecting, using, and sharing their data with advertisers and other partners.
04 May 2018
  • Instagram Introduces Video calling

    Instagram is taking audience engagement to the next level by introducing Video Chats. The video call can be done between two users or a small group. Soon the users will also be able to share stories directly from other apps like Spotify and GoPro. These apps will have the new feature of adding direct stories on the user's account.
  • Facebook adds AR Filters to Messenger

    Facebook expands AR filters to its Messenger app. Users engaging with a few selected brands on Messenger w ill have the option to access AR through a special button, which opens up their phone camera, and offers a number of branded AR overlays. The messaging app is also set to undergo a design change, becoming simpler and cleaner.
  • Filters by Accounts for Followers on Instagram

    Instagram is planning to launch interactive story filter for users by the brands they follow. When you see an account you follow using a new camera effect, tap “Try it on” to add it to your tray, so you can then use it within your personal Stories.
  • Snapchat brings back its stories format

    After Snapchat's recent redesign inviting ire of users for separating interactions as per friends and brands, the social media platform has brought back its previous version.
27 April 2018
  • Download personal data from Instagram

    Following Facebook, Instagram has enabled personal data downloading for its users. Giving users more power and security, the platform now allows users to download the videos, photos and messages.
  • Snapchat launches Snappables; relaunches Spectacles

    Snapchat Spectacles has been relaunched with improved design and features. The devise now comes with improved battery life and more storage, apart from being water resistant. Snappables, new interactive Lenses allow users to play augmented reality games against their Snapchap contacts with users able to control it using touch, motion, and even facial expressions.
  • More Stories now on Instagram

    Instagram's latest update will allow users to upload up to 10 multiple photos and videos as a story at once, along with a "preview" option. The users will be able to edit each of the multiple photos and videos individually with stickers, text and all the other creative tools while uploading the stories.
  • Twitter focuses on becoming a news app

    Twitter's latest updates highlights the links shared by users in the feed. The move comes as Twitter plans to change its identity from a social networking app to news app which now airs live news broadcasts alongside the Home timeline.
20 April 2018
  • Now add Boomerang, 3D Drawings, Poll Stickers to your Facebook Stories

    Facebook adds new features to its stories; makes them more engaging and interesting by adding boomerangs, 3D drawings and Poll Stickers. The 3D drawing allows users to ‘draw’ on their surroundings, both before and during recording a video, a step ahead of SnapChat's World Lens.
  • Snapchat's Lens Studio gets 7 new templates

    The addition of new templates to its Lens Studio is aimed at giving users more AR resources to play with. The new face templates come with integrated GIPHY stickers. The new features will be available to all Snapchatters to create and submit custom Lenses through its dedicated Creator Program.
  • Content to be moderated by real people on YouTube Kids

    YouTube Kids, meant for kids under 13 years of age, will now have real people to moderate the content being shared on the platform. The whitelisted version, where the content will be curated by humans, will exist along side the algorithm based app, giving the parents the liberty to choose out of the versions.
  • Google Launches Outstream Video Ads

    Google has launched Outstream video ads for exclusively for mobile apps and the mobile web. The new ad unit doesn’t require placement in a YouTube video. The ad would appear in banners for mobile web placements and as banners, interstitials, in-feed and native for apps. The new ad unit would only appear on Google video partners, such as publisher websites and mobile apps.
13 April 2018
  • Facebook to push quality content to generate conversations

    Content that are non-original & that people watch passively will see a drop in reach. News that are high quality and generate great conversations will be seen more in your newsfeed. This is to reduce the amount of time people spend passively on the social network, aimlessly scrolling through their newsfeed.
  • Google revamps Gmail

    Google is preparing to roll out a revamped version of its email service, Gmail, in coming weeks. One of the highlights include snooze reminder by Google in case of being unable to attend to the email. Google is also reportedly working on a new way to store emails for offline access, following the dilution of Chrome Apps.
  • Now check Facebook status updates on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp will now let users check the Facebook status updates they missed. The WhatsApp widget will sport a Today View section for the same. The app will also allow you to listen to recorded messages from your contacts even after if you switch apps or if your screen turns off.
  • Snapchat removes its controversial redesign

    Snapchat brings back its reverse chronological order that allowed users to see recent stories first. Snapchat replaced its algorithmically sorted feeds that made the stories of the users you interact with more, appear first. The new update lets users see the latest stories first.
06 April 2018
  • Snapchat Introduces Group Video Calling

    Snapchat introduces group video calling on its platform. The feature allows up to 16 users to participate in a video call at once. The voice call feature supports up to 32 users.
  • LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads for Company Pages

    LinkedIn has taken a step forward by introducing video ads for its platform. Now promote video content with a call to action button while generating leads with your content. LinkedIn has also introduced the video uploading feature for company pages.
  • Facebook rolls out feature to identify bogus news sharers

    As part of making the social media platform more reliant, Facebook has rolled out a new feature for its news feed that lets you know which of your friends are sharing fake news. Tapping on the 'i' icon of the story's headline, the article source will be revealed with a map showing the location of the story's previous source and the user.
  • Twitter suspends 1.2 million accounts

    Twitter recently announced it has suspended 274,460 accounts for terrorist content since August 2015. The accounts suspended in the second half of 2017 were flagged by the company's internal tools, as stated by Twitter.
30 Mar 2018
  • Instagram Feed Update

    Instagram gives its users yet another treat. The latest update now lets the new posts appear in your feed first. This update would ensure flow of fresh content every time you visit the app.
  • Facebook revamps its privacy policy

    Facebook, as part of its latest updates has revamped its privacy policy to give the users more control over the data and information they wish to share on the platform. The users can make the changes on their account , while also allowing them to download and delete their account data.
  • Google acquires GIF platform Tenor

    The popular GIF platform Tenor has been acquired by Google. GIFs from Tenor has already been incorporated into a few Google apps like Gboard, Allo, etc.
  • Giphy makes Insta comeback!

    Giphy was seen to be a huge hit with Instagram users. However, the brand disappeared from the platform while posting stories. Recent news state that Giphy is all set to make a comeback in Insta Stories.
23 Mar 2018
  • LinkedIn lets you spruce up your video content

    LinkedIn added new video filters and text styles to make your content more appealing. The filters have themes related to work place and text styles or adding context so your community knows what’s happening, even when the sound is off.
  • Google Assistant now in Hindi

    Google Assistant will now be available in Hindi for some Android phones. The Hindi support will be available on Android 6.0+ versions. Google Assistant is already available in Hindi in the instant-messaging platform Allo.
  • Instagram introduces clickable hashtags to bio

    Make your Instagram account more exciting by adding clickable hashtags and account names. Earlier, only links added in the bio were clickable. This comes as a boon for marketers as the right hashtags would make their profile appear in the search results.
  • Snapchat adds location based ad options

    Snapchat adds two new location based ad tools. This gives business more options to reach their right audience within the right time frame. Snap will now enable advertisers to reach audiences based on ‘Location Categories’ and ‘Radius Targeting’.
16 Mar 2018
  • Messenger to now have disappearing photos and videos

    Facebook's messenger will now have the feature of disappearing photos and videos. Reports suggest there can be more minor changes to the interface, including change in designs and addition of automatic translations.
  • Instagram's new feature makes your photos just better

    The popular portrait mode from iOS will soon be available on Instagram. This photograph feature gave the images a shallow depth, similar to a DSLR. The new Instagram feature would allow users to focus the portrait subject while blurring the background.
  • Twitter gets inspired for a Snapchat-like makeover

    Reports suggest that Twitter's Moment feature would soon be similar to Snapchat's Discover feature. Twitter Moments would focus on photos and videos with a geotag, arranging the visual content around nearby events.
  • A solution for auto sound playing websites: Mute them

    Google Chrome adds a new feature for its users to mute the websites that have auto-play sound videos. Now right-click on a tab and select "Mute Site" to make sure that the site never plays sound.
09 Mar 2018
  • Google Search to highlight posts from Verified Musicians

    Google now enables the direct content and links of verified music artists to appear in a user's search list. The catch is, the artists should have a Knowledge Panel to be able to make the most of this update. The update serves as a means for artists to connect direct with their followers through search results.
  • Voice Clips as Status Update in Facebook

    Facebook is all set to introduce voice clip updates for its users. The social media giant is testing the update with a small section of users in India. Users will be able to share voice clips as their status update, with no length limit as of now.
  • Snapchat enables the '@'tag to snaps

    Snapchat seems to be inspired by Instagram! As part of new update tests, Snapchat is letting a few set of users to tag a handle via text option on snaps. Users can tag multiple people on their snaps with a ‘Swipe Up’ prompt taking you through to a full list of those mentioned.
  • Google Chrome can now export passwords

    Chrome adds yet another useful feature for its users. The hugely successful web browser now allows users to export passwords stored in the built-in password manager. To activate the feature, Android and Desktop users need to type a specific command by Chome, thereby revealing the export passwords option.
01 Mar 2018
  • Now save tweets without having to save them!

    Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks for its users. The platform now allows users to save a tweet without having to tap the heart button. And the best part is, it's only visible to you. The update is similar to 'Save It for Later' feature, allowing users to revisit the content directly in the bookmarks, places in the slide-out menu!
  • Facebook introduces Face Recognition feature

    Aiming to give the users more control over the platform's experience, Facebook has introduced Face Recognition feature. Enabling it notifies the user whenever they appear in another user's photo update, despite not being tagged. However, the users have the privilege to accept or deny being tagged in the photos.
  • Now Find Jobs Directly Through Facebook!

    Facebook is all set to roll out Job Hunting Tool in more than 40 nations. According to Facebook, users will be able to visit facebook.com/jobs or select “Jobs” in the “Explore” section on mobile. Once applied, business and the applicants are connected through messenger.
  • WhatsApp's Instagram like time and location stickers for iOS users

    WhatsApp's new update, already in use on Instagram and Snapchat, allows location and time based stickers to be used on photos and videos being shared on the platform. The update will be available to Android users soon.
23 Feb 2018