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16 Mar 2018
  • Messenger to now have disappearing photos and videos

    Facebook's messenger will now have the feature of disappearing photos and videos. Reports suggest there can be more minor changes to the interface, including change in designs and addition of automatic translations.
  • Instagram's new feature makes your photos just better

    The popular portrait mode from iOS will soon be available on Instagram. This photograph feature gave the images a shallow depth, similar to a DSLR. The new Instagram feature would allow users to focus the portrait subject while blurring the background.
  • Twitter gets inspired for a Snapchat-like makeover

    Reports suggest that Twitter's Moment feature would soon be similar to Snapchat's Discover feature. Twitter Moments would focus on photos and videos with a geotag, arranging the visual content around nearby events.
  • A solution for auto sound playing websites: Mute them

    Google Chrome adds a new feature for its users to mute the websites that have auto-play sound videos. Now right-click on a tab and select "Mute Site" to make sure that the site never plays sound.
09 Mar 2018
  • Google Search to highlight posts from Verified Musicians

    Google now enables the direct content and links of verified music artists to appear in a user's search list. The catch is, the artists should have a Knowledge Panel to be able to make the most of this update. The update serves as a means for artists to connect direct with their followers through search results.
  • Voice Clips as Status Update in Facebook

    Facebook is all set to introduce voice clip updates for its users. The social media giant is testing the update with a small section of users in India. Users will be able to share voice clips as their status update, with no length limit as of now.
  • Snapchat enables the '@'tag to snaps

    Snapchat seems to be inspired by Instagram! As part of new update tests, Snapchat is letting a few set of users to tag a handle via text option on snaps. Users can tag multiple people on their snaps with a ‘Swipe Up’ prompt taking you through to a full list of those mentioned.
  • Google Chrome can now export passwords

    Chrome adds yet another useful feature for its users. The hugely successful web browser now allows users to export passwords stored in the built-in password manager. To activate the feature, Android and Desktop users need to type a specific command by Chome, thereby revealing the export passwords option.
01 Mar 2018
  • Now save tweets without having to save them!

    Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks for its users. The platform now allows users to save a tweet without having to tap the heart button. And the best part is, it's only visible to you. The update is similar to 'Save It for Later' feature, allowing users to revisit the content directly in the bookmarks, places in the slide-out menu!
  • Facebook introduces Face Recognition feature

    Aiming to give the users more control over the platform's experience, Facebook has introduced Face Recognition feature. Enabling it notifies the user whenever they appear in another user's photo update, despite not being tagged. However, the users have the privilege to accept or deny being tagged in the photos.
  • Now Find Jobs Directly Through Facebook!

    Facebook is all set to roll out Job Hunting Tool in more than 40 nations. According to Facebook, users will be able to visit facebook.com/jobs or select “Jobs” in the “Explore” section on mobile. Once applied, business and the applicants are connected through messenger.
  • WhatsApp's Instagram like time and location stickers for iOS users

    WhatsApp's new update, already in use on Instagram and Snapchat, allows location and time based stickers to be used on photos and videos being shared on the platform. The update will be available to Android users soon.
23 Feb 2018